9 Enhanced Features We Want in iPhone 12


Apple released the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro in September 2019 for the usual fanfare. These devices are solid upgrades from the previous models and introduce many desirable features, such as a newthree-camera setup, amazing battery life and better displays.

However, these changes feel step by step and leave us longing for more. Many important features are missing from the 2019 iPhone models that we would like to see in iPhone 12. Below are the main new features we want to see in Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup.

1. A smaller notch

In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X, an almost full screen phone with minimal bezels and no home button. To make up for the absence of the home button, the iPhone needed a new form of biometric security. That’s how Face ID was born.

The components required for Face ID are located at the top of the phone, resulting in a black bar interrupting the design on the entire screen. That bar is called the ‘notch’ and caused annoyance to many users.
Wouldn’t it be great if Apple found a way to reduce this notch? Maybe the company could use a perforated design similar to Samsung’s? A camera under the screen would also be welcome.

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2. 5G support

5G is the next step in mobile network technology after 4G LTE and offers blazing fast speeds. Some Android flagships, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, offer a 5G compatible model. None of Apple’s offerings have 5G capabilities yet.

This makes sense, because 5G is not quite ready yet. Still, it would be great to see iPhone 12 models come with breathtaking next-generation speeds.

3. A new (or old) design

Every iPhone model since the iPhone 6 has a very similar design, with rounded edges and paper-thin builds. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a change? A return to the iPhone 5’s classic, thicker, square design, but with a full screen would be smart.

Better yet, that design would allow for larger batteries and cameras in the back of the device. This wish is not too far-fetched, as Apple’s latest iPad Pro design somewhat subscribes to this philosophy.

4. ProMotion screens

Another iPad Pro feature that Apple should bring to its iPhone lineup is ProMotion. This is not a ‘promotion’ like at cheaper prices, although it would be appreciated.

ProMotion is Apple’s name for a display technology that allows variable refresh rates up to 120 Hz. If you’re not familiar, the refresh rate is how many frames appear on the screen per second. The higher the refresh rate of a screen, the smoother the images.

The standard on most mobile phones is 60 Hz or 60 frames per second. With ProMotion, compatible devices can display at 120 Hz if needed, but they drop down to save power when not much is on the screen.

A smoother iPhone screen would make everything you do on the device look better.

5. A USB-C port

This is a good idea. Most newer Apple devices use a USB-C port, so why not the iPhone?

USB-C is more compatible with other devices, carries more power, and can deliver superfast data rates. When you’re traveling, you don’t need more than one charger for your devices, either. The future is clearly USB-C and the iPhone 12 has to adapt to this by removing the aging Lightning port.

6. Reverse wireless charging

Samsung’s flagship smartphones can serve as a charging mat for other devices through built-in wireless charging. So when your friend’sAirPods are running low, you can give a little power with the back of your Samsung phone, albeit a little slow. Sounds great right?

This form of wireless charging reportedly went as an inclusion in the iPhone 11, but was reportedly dropped at the last minute because it was too inefficient for Apple’s standards. We would like to see a sophisticated, power-efficient version of wireless reverse charging in iPhone 12.

7. Bigger and smaller sizes

Every iPhone since the iPhone X has adopted the same size standards, so we think it’s time for more variety.

Apple fans need a small compact phone that is easy to maneuver with one hand. On the other end of the spectrum, a larger screen would be much welcome for users who want something similar to the cinematic screen of the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Of course there would still be a middle ground with the medium standard model. Choice is really a win-win situation for everyone.

8. Better basic storage

TheiPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro start at 64 GB storage. For a smartphone in 2020, this is simply unforgivable given the competition. This meager storage size is simply no longer enough.

With all those 4K ultra-enhanced photos and videos to store, 64 GB will only last for a short time. 128 GB of space should be the norm, and we really hope Apple realizes this in time for the coming releases.

9. The return of Touch ID

Face ID is great, don’t get us wrong. But it just hasn’t reached the breakneck speeds of Touch ID in its heyday.

Touch ID is much better for practical people who want a sense of satisfaction when unlocking their phone. It’s also safer now than it was when removed, thanks to ultrasonic sensors that detect blood flow (like the Galaxy S10 has).

Knowing this, we feel that Touch ID should come back through in-display technology. That said, Face ID should stick around too; the new iPhone can have both. With Touch ID and Face ID on the same device, users would again have more choice. With both implemented, your iPhone would become a secure virtual passport.

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High expectations for the iPhone 12 models

It’s safe to say that expectations for iPhone 12 models are sky high. After the somewhat tame year of the iPhone 11, many are curious about what Apple has planned next. There is a lot of potential for this year iteration of the iPhone to change the game.

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