iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Black Screen? Fix

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If your iPhone 12 Pro Max is showing a black screen when you open the Camera, there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can try to fix the issue.

This article explains exactly how to fix iphone 12 Pro Max Camera Black Screen issue.

Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Black Screen Problem

1. Check iPhone Case & Camera Lens

If you are using a Case to protect your iOS device, ensure that Case is not blocking the front Camera on your iPhone.

Also, inspect your Camera Lens and clean the lens, if you find it covered by dust or grime.

2. Close the Camera App

Sometimes the camera app on your device does not get loaded properly, which causes iPhone 12 Pro Max camera black screen problem. In that case, fix the issue by closing the camera app forcefully. You can close your iPhone’s Camera App by swiping-up from bottom of the screen. Now, swipe up the interface of the camera and close the cam-app. After doing that, wait for 5 minutes and restart your phone again. This may help to solve the issue.

3. Switch from Front to Rear Camera

This trick may help you to deal with the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera black screen problem without visiting the Apple store. Users have reported fixing the problem by Switching from Front to Rear Camera for a short period of time.

Tap on the Switcher Icon to switch from Front to Rear Camera > Wait for 10 seconds and tap on the Switcher Icon again to return back to the Front Camera.

4. Turn ON/OFF Flashlight

The front LED light on iPhone is used by both Camera/Flashlight and sometimes the problem is due to the Flashlight not working or not being synchronized with the Camera App.

Launch the Control Center and tap on the Flashlight icon to switch ON the Flashlight.

Wait for 30 seconds and then open the Control Center again and tap on the Flashlight icon to close the Flashlight.

5. Restart iPhone

The common way to fix iPhone 12 Pro Max black screen camera issue is to reset the power cycle of the device. Here’s how:

Head to Settings > General > scroll down and tap on Shut Down.

This will bring up the Slide-to-Power OFF screen, drag the Slider from left to right to Power OFF iPhone.

Allow iPhone to Shut Down fully > Wait for 30 seconds > power the iPhone back on and see if the Camera is now working.

6. Switch OFF Voice-Over Feature

It sounds surprising that iPhone 12 Pro Max camera black screen issue is observed when Voiceover feature is on. You can simply resolve this issue by following the following steps.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver and move the toggle next to VoiceOver to OFF position.

Now, try to access the Camera on your iPhone 12 Pro Max and you should find it working properly.

7. Install Updates

There are high chances of Camera black screen issue on the iPhone 12 Pro Max due to the outdated and unstable version of iOS. So fix the problem by updating your device.

Head to Settings > General > tap on Software Update.

On the next screen, tap on Download and Install (in case an Update is available) and follow the onscreen instructions to install the updates.

8. Reset All Settings

If the above steps did not fix iPhone 12 Pro Max camera black screen issue, you can try to Reset All Settings on your device to Factory Default Settings and see if this helps in fixing the problem.

Head to Settings > General > Reset > select Reset All Settings option.

This step will not delete any data from your iPhone, but it will delete your WiFi Network Password and disconnect your iPhone from the internet.

After iPhone restarts, you will be required to join WiFi Network by entering your WiFi Network Password.

That’s pretty much it on how to fix iPhone 12 Pro Max camera black screen issue. Which trick worked for you? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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