11 Tips to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Overheating Issue in 2024

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Some users have reported that their iPhone 13 Pro get hot during use or when charging the battery. An iPhone 13 Pro getting hot is a serious problem, most likely a sign of a software or hardware glitch. In this post, we’ll look at the most common reasons why your iPhone 13 Pro is overheating and explain what you can do to fix the problem.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is a beautiful addition to Apple’s extensive catalog of iPhone models. While the new iPhones comes jampacked with a plethora of front-facing additions, they do come with their own share of issues. For instance, you might be experiencing overheating problems on your iPhone 13 Pro. If you face overheating issues on your iPhone 13 Pro, check out the guide below.

Possible reasons your iPhone 13 Pro is overheating

If your iPhone 13 Pro is regularly feeling hot and you’re noticing sluggish performance, here are a few things that could be causing it:

  • Streaming for a lengthy period of time. This means that your iPhone has to load your content and keep the display working. This forces your iPhone to work harder which consequently generates more heat.
  • Gaming. Resource-intensive video games with high-end graphics may cause your iPhone to get hot.
  • You may notice your iPhone gets warm when you are downloading a huge number of apps at the same time while you are using your device.
  • Your iPhone may get warm when you are charging the battery.

Use These Nifty Tips to Fix iPhone 13 Pro overheating issues

To fix overheating issues on your iPhone 13 Pro, follow the tips below:

1. Check for External Causes

The most common factor that adds up to the heat of your iPhone 13 Pro is the environment and physical condition. This one may seem obvious, but a big reason that your iPhone 13 Pro may be overheating is because of environmental temperatures. iPhones are slated to be used in 32º F to 95º F (0º C and 35º C). So in the warmer months, if your phone is in direct sunlight, it could be causing it to overheat. Or if it’s mounted to the heater vent in your car in the winter, that could also cause it to heat up.

Depending on the type of case you have on your iPhone, it may trap heat. This can prevent your iPhone from getting the proper ventilation that it needs to stay cool.

Follow the tips below on how to avoid and reduce external heat factors:

  • Avoid leaving your iPhone in your car on a hot summer day. Temperatures in a parked car can be intense.
  • Avoid leaving your iPhone on warm or hot items like radiators.
  • Avoid gaming while charging your iPhone (more so graphic-intensive games) or streaming.
  • Avoid leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight.
  • Make sure you use the original USB cable and adapter when charging. If it is a third party charger or cable, ensure it’s Apple certified.
  • If your iPhone 13 is overheating while you charge it, it could be that there’s an issue with the charging cable. Try swapping it out and see if that fixes the issue.
  • If your iPhone 13 Pro is already hot, take off the phone’s case in an attempt to cool it down.

These should be able to resolve the common issues in the physical aspects of the device. But if you still experience overheating in your iPhone 13 Pro after these steps, don’t worry, there are still other factors to consider. Let’s now proceed to the next method.

2. Turn the brightness down.

Brightness can be controlled through the Control Center on the iPhone using the brightness toggle or through the Display & Brightness section of the Settings app. It’s a good idea to turn on the auto-brightness setting to make sure your screen isn’t overly bright in darker rooms by default, but some manual adjustment may be necessary in brighter rooms and in the sun. Launch Control Centre and drag the Brightness slider to the bottom.

3. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Using Wi-Fi demands less power when compared to being on cellular data. Keeping Wi-Fi on at all times will help in preventing iPhone 13 Pro from overheating.

4. Monitor Your Applications.

If you’re just noticing your iPhone 13 Pro overheating, think back to any new applications you may have recently installed. Apps that weren’t properly installed can cause your phone to overheat, as well as apps that are continuously crashing. Even apps that are hanging or stalling in the background can cause your iPhone to overheat, and you might not realize it because it’s not something you’re actively using.

You can check to see which apps are using the most of your battery, which should help you determine if there’s an app (or apps) causing your iPhone 13 Pro to overheat. Go to Settings > Battery and check the detailed battery usage of every app.

Once you’ve figured out which apps are using a lot of battery power, the first troubleshooting step is to try force quitting them. Your phone works overtime when you have multiple apps open at the same time (this includes open web browser tabs), so get in the habit of closing unused apps periodically. Also, close apps (especially graphics-heavy apps like games) when you charge your phone. To do this, swipe up from the bottom and then hold your finger in the middle of the screen. When you see all the open apps like cards, find the app(s) you want to close and swipe up.

Next, update your apps because there could be a glitchy bug in an old update that, once fixed, will make your iPhone run smoothly. You can update your apps by going to App Store and then navigate to Today > Your Profile > Update All.

has your problem started recently? You may want to delete any apps you downloaded shortly before your iPhone 13 Pro started to hit up. In addition, delete apps you don’t use.

5. Update Your iOS To The Latest Version.

While individual apps can be the cause of your iPhone 13 Pro overheating, so can the actual iOS. From time to time, there’ll be a bug in the iOS software that is causing your iPhone 13 Pro to overheat. To rule that out, you should always make sure your iPhone is running the most recent iOS software available. You can update iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, tap download and install.

6. Restart iPhone

There could be something running in the background that is causing your iPhone 13 Pro to overheat. If something is continuously running in the background, the quickest and easiest fix is to turn your iPhone off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. You can do this by navigating to Settings > General > Shut Down.

7. Force Restart

Any device that has been up for days tends to overheat, including your iPhone 13 Pro. Force restarting your device can clear errors and fix overheating issues on your iPhone 13 Pro. If you are unfamiliar: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and quickly release the Volume Down button, press and hold the Power/Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

8. Disable Background App Refresh

How to Fix overheating Issue on iPhone 13 Pro

The more tasks the processor performs, the more heat it generates. To relieve the processor of tasks and thus to cool it down, you need to disable Background App Refresh. To do that, head over to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and then tap on Off.

9. Turn Off Location Services

How to Fix overheating Issue on iPhone 13 Pro

This is another feature that causes iPhone 13 Pro to overheat. If the location services are turned on, your iPhone will consistently update the location of the iPhone, thereby generating a lot of heat. To fix it, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then toggle it Off.

10. Reset All Settings

How to Fix overheating Issue on iPhone 13 Pro

Another tip to help fix the overheating issue on your iPhone 13 Pro is to reset all settings. There is a possibility that the issue lies in the settings that you are not familiar with and hence, it would make sense to reset all of them. To do that, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset and then tap on Reset All Settings.

11. Restore iPhone as New

If nothing else works and the iPhone 13 Pro overheating issue is persistent, you can hard reset your device to clear any potential errors that might be persistent due to a corrupt file. Once you reset your iPhone, all of your data and settings will be deleted and your device will be as good as new. However, be sure to create a backup of your data before you proceed with this step. Head over to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.

That’s pretty much it, folks. These tips will fix overheating problems on your iPhone 13 Pro.

After trying all of the above software troubleshooting options, if your iPhone 13 Prois still overheating — giving you sluggish performance and draining your battery — then your device may be having a hardware problem.

The best way to determine if that’s the case, and to get it fixed, is to make an appointment with the Genius Bar at your local Apple store and have them check out your phone.

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If the above methods did not help in solving the overheating problems on your iPhone 13 Pro, your only bet is to wait for a new iOS update from Apple which should hopefully fix whatever problem you are experiencing.

Have you faced overheating issues on your iPhone 13 Pro? If so, Which of the above tips help in solving the problem ? Drop a comment and let us know!

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