Keep Your iPhone Usage Private


These days we use our smartphones for everything. Gaming, shopping, browsing, and banking are all contained in a convenient package of tiny circuit boards and batteries. Our phones are set to become an even more significant part of our lives in the future, so how can you protect your personal data and information from being hacked, stolen, or tracked on your iPhone? By using the latest VPN software.

Keep your iPhone usage private

What is a VPN?

A VPN protects your iPhone by creating a Virtual Private Network that disguises your location. It conceals your private data when using the internet on your phone. A VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your information, which stops it from being seen by anyone who shouldn’t be seeing it.

Online Shopping

iPhones make it easy to shop online. Apps like eBay and Amazon are simple and convenient to use, so we can buy what we need at the touch of a button. When you are purchasing items online, your information is passed to the website to complete the transaction.
Your email address, password, and banking information are all inputted online and could be exposed to cybercriminals who could steal from you, blackmail you, or use it to commit identity theft. Your ISP could also be tracking your browsing habits and selling this information to advertisers, who will then target you with unsolicited marketing.

Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals

As our phones get smarter, so do the cybercriminals meaning we must do everything we can to protect ourselves. Cybercrime is on the rise, and keeping your devices safe needs to be a priority. Installing a VPN is one of the best ways to keep your iPhone safe. These threats are real, and a VPN can help protect you before anything happens.
A VPN will protect your iPhone from:

  • Scammers
  • Hackers
  • Government tracking
  • ISP surveillance
  • Identity theft
  • Exposure when file-sharing/peer to peer torrenting


Gaming is a big part of owning an iPhone for most users, and a VPN can help with this, too. It can speed up your connection by preventing your ISP from data throttling, speeding up download times, and stopping annoying lags. If you make in-game purchases, a VPN will protect your banking information and make it invisible to everyone. By connecting to a server in a different country, a VPN will allow you to download games early, access games that aren’t available in your country, and purchase games at a lower price. VPNs also protect against DDoS or swatting attacks by masking your devices’ IP addresses.


Browsing on our phones is a day to day occurrence for most of us. Scrolling through social media, checking the football scores, and streaming TV shows is quick and easy on an iPhone. But your activity and browsing habits are at risk without a VPN. Hackers and scammers can see exactly what you’re doing and could gain access to your social media accounts or online banking easily. A VPN will also mask your location, so you can protect your identity and keep yourself anonymous online.
A VPN will also open up a world of content, giving you access to streaming libraries from around the world. Simply connect to a server from your chosen country, and you will be able to watch TV shows and films that are usually geo-restricted. Log in to your Netflix, Amazon, or BBC iPlayer account to watch your favorite shows for free.

Public Wi-Fi

We use our phones anywhere and everywhere. Public Wi-Fi has made it easy to browse in public places without using your data allowance, even if it does sometimes disconnect. You find public Wi-Fi in places like the shopping mall, on the bus, and at the local coffee shop. But have you ever stopped to think about how secure the connection is? Most public Wi-Fi connections don’t need a password, and even if they do, they have very poor security.
Public Wi-Fi is a hot-spot for cybercriminals, who take advantage of the lack of privacy to spy on the activity of those using it. If you are accessing private documents, online shopping, or banking using public Wi-Fi, you are exposing yourself to a potential cybercrime attack. If you install a VPN on your iPhone, you can browse the internet freely anywhere without the fear of unwanted observation.

Protect your devices and private information by installing a VPN today.

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