11 Tips to Make your iPhone Run Faster


In this article, I’ll show you how to keep your iphone running smoothly like a new one. Of course, with time your iphone will get slower and the battery life won’t be that good. But there are a few steps that you can follow in order to make sure that your iphone will run smoother like a brand new one.

One of the big attractions of Apple’s iPhone is its smooth user experience. The iPhone often outperforms other smart phones on the market, but every Smartphone begins to slow down with age. iOS updates can also be a double-edged sword, sometimes rendering older iPhone models even slower. It can be frustrating to find that your once youthful, lightning-fast iPhone is slowing to a crawl, but you don’t need to accept the decline. Don’t allow your iPhone to go gently into that good night. Instead, try out the tips below to give it new life.

Check your battery health

One of the most important things when it comes to your iphone running smoothly is battery health. If your iphone has bad battery health, then it will not run as smooth as it should. Now, if you go to settings > battery > battery health, here will find what is called maximum capacity. It will show you basically the battery health of your device. Mine is at 93 right now, which means that it has peak performance capacity, so it will perform as it should. But if this decreases a lot, then apple will basically make your iphone run slower in order for the battery life to last longer.

Basically, if your battery is bad, then your iPhone will run slower. So what you need to do is make sure you have optimized battery charging enabled All the time. It will keep the battery healthier for a long run, so what you need to do make sure the battery health of your iphone is always good and your iphone is at peak performance capacity.

Now, if nothing works, if you have optimized battery charging enabled and still you don’t have peak performance capacity, then I suggest that you go ahead and replace the battery of your iphone, because if battery health is really really bad, then your iphone will run really really slow. So make sure you go ahead and replace the battery of your iphone.

Offload / uninstall unused apps

Free space is also very important for the performance of your iphone. If your iphone doesn’t have any free space or it has just a bit of free space, then it will run slower. Your iphone needs a few gigs of free space in order to run normally as it should. So always make sure you have enough free space on your iphone at least seven or eight gigs.

Now what you can do to free up space on your iphone is of course to delete apps that maybe you don’t use that often or you can find a replacement on the app store for that app. That doesn’t take that much space on your device.

Now, if you go to the iphone storage on the general settings, you’ll find a list of all the apps and you’ll see what’s taking a lot of space on your device, so you can go ahead and clear them.

Of course, you can always go ahead and delete any large videos that you have that you’re not watching you don’t need or any other pictures that you have, that you don’t need. You can also enable offload unused apps.

This will free up space on your iphone by deleting apps that you’re not using, but it will still hold their data. So if you need that app, you go ahead and just reinstall the app on your device, and you will have still all the data.

Turn off automatic downloads

If you take a look in Settings > iTunes & App Stores, you’ll find a section labeled Automatic Downloads. If your iPhone is the only device associated with your Apple ID, then you might want this on, but if it isn’t, then you could be automatically downloading new app and content purchases you made on another device that you really don’t want on your iPhone.

Also make sure you go to >settings > podcasts. Make sure you have the download episodes disabled, so it doesn’t download, basically all the episodes on your device and you will have them locally saved. That will take, of course, a ton of space.

You can do that also by going to Settings > general > iphone storage and then you will find here podcasts and from here you’ll be able to delete any episodes that you have downloaded on your device. That’s really really important.

Also, if you navigate to the camera settings, you can go ahead and choose different formats right here. You can choose high efficiency format, which means that the photos on your iphone won’t be that large on size. They will still have great quality, but won’t take up that much space on your device.

Clear history and website data

If your iphone is running slow while browsing the internet, then make sure you go to settings > safari scroll down here and find clear history and website data. Now you might think Safari will just have the history of the websites that you have visited. There will also be cookies, like website data, cache files and all that stuff that might keep your iphone running slow while browsing the internet. So what you need to do is regularly go to settings > safari and clear the history and data from safari.

Update apps

Of course, smartphones are all about apps. You can find an app for everything that you need to do on your smartphone, but what you need to do is always make sure you have your apps updated. Now, apps get updated regularly with new updates fixes and all that. So if an app is running slow, then an update might fix that so make sure that you always have your apps updated to the latest version.

Update iOS

I also recommend that you have your device always updated. If you go to general settings and go to software update, you can see here in which iOS version you’re currently in and if there’s an update, you will see an update right here.

What I suggest you do is always stay on the latest ios version. So let’s say if you’re on iOS 13, make sure you’re on iLS 13.6, don’t stay on iOS 13.4, because it will always be better and it should run smoother and will also give you a better battery life, better performance and all that. But let’s say you’re running an older device and you’re on iOS 12, but you have the option to update to iOS 13, then you don’t need to hurry right there. What you need to do is just go ahead, let’s say: go on youtube! Watch a few videos see how that device performs under that iOS version before upgrading. Before you make a jump lets say, from iOS 12 to iOS 13 or from iOS 13 to iOS 14. You should always take a look at how that device performs on that particular iOS version, because, even though apple works a lot on their iOS versions, lately, they’ve been just like really running, smooth and, of course way better on all the devices. Sometimes some devices tend to perform better on >lower iOS versions, so let’s say better on iOS 12 than on iOS 13. So make sure you always take a look at that before updating. But if you’re already, let’s say updated from iOS 12 to iOS 13 then make sure you’re on the latest version of iOS 13..

Turn off background processes

There are always a lot of background services on your iphone that you maybe not use that much but they’re there, and they, of course, take cpu power on your device. So what you need to do is just check a few of them and make sure you have them disabled if you don’t use them. For example, if you go to accessibility, you will have here a feature called motion, which is on ios 13. Make sure you disable that if you don’t use it.

By going to the privacy section and going to motion and fitness, you will see here all the apps that are tracking your motion andEverything that is going on on the background will take cpu power. So what you need to do is always make sure that you have all the services disabled, that you don’t need or don’t use or, for example, if you go to analytics and improvements, you will have here a lot of stuff that you can share, but you don’t really need to do that. You can go ahead and turn these off. Of course, that will save a lot of cpu power running. In the background on your iphone, you will have a much nicer and smoother experience using your iphone.

Also, you can stop other automatic background processes (e.g. retrieving emails automatically) by putting your iPhone in Low Data Mode. Go to Settings > cellular Data > Cellular Data Options and then toggle Low Data Mode to On.

Turn off notifications

One thing that will take a lot of battery life and also cpu power are notifications. If you have a ton of notifications enabled for all of your apps, then that will be really really bad for your device. So make sure you go to settings > notifications and just go ahead and choose which app you want to have notifications on. Most of them on my device are off. For instance, i have a wallpaper app. I just constantly go to. The app checks if there are new wallpapers and, of course, download them if they’re good, but I don’t need to have notifications running on my device all the time from that app. So make sure you go ahead, choose any one of the app you don’t need to have notifications for and turn them off.

Force restart your iPhone

Now, of course, a few other things that you can do to make sure that your iphone runs smoothly involves regularly rebooting your device. You can reboot your device by pressing volume up, volume down and then holding the opposite side button until you see the apple logo on the screen. That will do a forced reboot of your device, but it should run smoother once you have done that. So make sure if you see that your device is not performing that good, go ahead and reboot your device.

reset your iPhone

Another thing that you can do is Reset your iPhone. Go to settings > general and then go to reset and reset the settings of your device. So at the top you will see reset all settings. So if something is not really going smooth on your device, you can always reset the setting. That will, of course, keep everything on your iphone, but we’ll just reset the setting to its factory default.

Back up and restore your iPhone

If you see that none of the above tips are working for you and your
is still not running as it should, i suggest that you go ahead and
your device using icloud or itunes, and then just go ahead and make a fresh
on your device. Once you have completed the restore, of course you can load back the files from the backup that you did before restoring your device.

So that’s pretty much it for how to speed up iPhone. Hopefully these steps will help you keep your iPhone running smoother like a new one and, of course, have your device for a longer time running, smooth as it should, because a slow iPhone is not that good.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed these tips don’t forget to check out other articles on the site.

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