Best iPhone & iPad Apps To Download Free Music in 2024

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You might not have sat to think about it but Music has become an important asset to those of us who enjoy drowning out the sounds of the environment with sensational melodies, lyrics, and beats.

Whenever you’re on the move and most likely away from a Wi-Fi, you may not want to stream music and podcasts with your mobile data and that is why I have created this list of the best music download apps for iPhone and iPad.

Music keeps me rocking and rolling! From keeping me happy during working hours to revitalizing my spirit during the long traffic to revving up the party time, it’s a fundamental part of my life. To ensure my romance with awesome songs never has any interruption, I have created a gigantic playlist of my favorite songs. I’m not just a melomaniac, I’m also producing my own music – with my acoustic guitar, and even an arranger keyboard, sometimes. Thankfully, downloading free songs on iPhone and iPad is dead simple!

There is nothing better than free music, and you’re no doubt on the lookout for ways to listen to music for free on your iPhone.

Apple used to give away a free song every week on iTunes, however, That’s now a thing of the past. But that’s perfectly fine; there are a couple of other ways to get music on your iPhone for free. A number of free music apps makes it easy for users to download and listen to music on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without having to connect to Internet.

It’s very easy to download free music on your iPhone or iPad. If you are an audio junkie like me, I’ll show you how to download free music on iPhone and iPad.

Here are our favorite music download apps for iPhone and iPad that won’t cost you a penny.

Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Download Free Music in 2024

Here are our top picks for free music apps for iPhone:

1. Spotify Music

boasting more than 80 million subscribers and access to over 40 million tracks, Spotify is undoubtedly the most popular music platform in the world. I find it to be an incredible platform especially when it comes to managing playlists, creating different channels as well as daily mix. Spotify free offers clean sound quality and in spite of there being ads they are not destructive and do not linger for a long time.

There is also personal recommendations and collection of premade playlists which perfectly suits your exclusive taste. And if you want to improve your listening experience, you can buy Spotify Premium subscription for $10 a month to ditch those ads. You will also be able to create custom playlist and download music for offline listening.
Price: Free
Check out the Spotify App for iPhone.

2. SoundCloud

Boasting over 175 million monthly listeners, “SoundCloud” needs no bells and whistles, does it? the app has got everything you would ever need as far as music is concern. SoundCloud has got a huge library of songs to listen to including hip-hop, RnB, rock, classical, Reggae, jazz, podcasts and great audiobooks. SoundCloud offers a great way to discover new artist. Once you spot an artist you like on SoundCloud, you can … get lost in a rabbit hole of music awesomeness.
SoundCloud also recommends tracks for you based on your likes.

To enjoy every features this App has to offer, You can subscribe to the SoundCloud Go for $5.99/month or SoundCloud Go+$12.99/month. This will allow you to download music for offline listening.
Price: Free
Check out SoundCloud for iOS


Though Spotify and Apple Music still largely dominate the music streaming market, Tidal offers sound quality that you simply can’t find on other music platform. Its high fidelity sound quality, high definition music videos, tailor-made suggestions, as well as the curated editorial by artists and experts makes it worth a serious look in itself.
The app provides you with unlimited access to over 60 million tracks that you can listen on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac.
Tidal also offers over 130,000 high-fidelity music videos. Music articles, features, and interviews are also incorporated within the platform to enhance your experience. You can also download songs, albums and playlists, to listen to them offline!
Price: Free
Download Tidal for iOS

4. Google Play Music

Boasting over 40 million tracks, “Google Play Music” is one of the most adored music streaming platform for consuming tunes.

Just like spotify and SoundCloud, the app also recommends you tracks based on your liking. It offers storage and streaming for up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection for free. You can purchase premium subscription for $10 a month to listen to music free from ads. The premium version also include the option to download songs for offline listening as well as YouTube Red membership without incurring any extra cost. Overall, the app has a clean design, lined with hand-picked playlists and custom radio stations that further enhances your listening experience.
Price: Free
Check out Google Play Music for iOS

5. Deezer

I have always found “Deezer” to be quite impressive. The platform features awesome playlists, smooth interface, as well as the ability to search, stream and listen to top radio hits and new releases. Moreover, you can create unlimited number of playlists and quickly access them from anywhere.
You can upgrade to the premium version to enhance your listening experience. With the pro version, you can skip unlimited number of tracks. Moreover, you can Download your favorite songs, albums and playlists to listen to them even without Wi-Fi or 4G.
Price: Free
Check out Deezer for iOS

6. Napster – Top Music & Radio

Boasting a gigantic library of more than 60 million songs, the app allows you to stream and download your favorite music for offline listening. Moreover, you can create playlists of your favorite songs and share them with your friends. Napster also provides users with awesome suggestions Based on their liking. So, you can quickly access the songs that rocks you the most!

With a monthly subscription of $9.99, the app will allow you to enjoy all the premium features without any limitation.
Price: Free
Download Napster for iOS

7. Evermusic – offline music

For those of you who have your treasured music collection saved in the cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, Yandex.Disk and WebDAV and want a better way to manage it and use it, Evermusic is a fantastic music player and a must-have app.

The app syncs with your cloud selections and you can stream your songs from there, or download your favorite tracks so you can listen to them , anytime and anywhere.

Evermusic supports multiple audio formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF and M4R.

You can also use it as an audiobook player. The app allows you to set multiple audio bookmarks as well as setting timer which is useful after you’ve fallen asleep.

You can save media position and even control playback speed. Moreover, you can organize Your music by artist, album and genre to allow you identify your music quickly..
Price: Free
Download Evermusic for iOS

8. MyMP3

What sets “MyMP3” apart from other music apps is it’s ability to allow users to convert any videos into MP3 without difficulty. You can also edit the metadata of any song. For example, you can easily edit the song and artist titles. Organize your songs properly and Sync them with the cloud to keep them safe and secure. Yap, keep in mind to share them with your friends to win a lot of hearts and likes!
Price: Free
Download MyMP3 for iOS

9. Free Song Notifier for iTunes

Every now and then, iTunes offers free music from some of the best artists in the world to its users. If you don’t want to miss out on this great deal, download Free Song Notifier, that is tailored to help you grab these free music Files straight on your iPhone and iPad free of charge. the app notifies you As soon as a free song is available to download in iTunes, therefore. You can download free iTunes song right from this app. The app provides you with a complete list of 15 songs that are trending in your country. Moreover, you can preview them for 30-second before hitting download button.
Besides Access to 15 trending songs in your country, the app has impressive interface that is very easy to navigate and use.
Another great benefit of this app ubsent in other music apps, is that users are kept abreast of the top 100 hit tracks on YouTube along with links that you can click on to view and download them.
Price: Free
Download Free Song Notifier for iTunes iOS

10. FMA

FMA is directed by the radio station WFMU. The app lets you listen and download all the music in the library free of charge.
The music is organized into genres including Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, RnB, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, International, Jazz, Old-Time/Historic, Pop, Rock, Soul, and more. Moreover, the app allows users to listen to their favorite tracks and share them on social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, as well as email.
Price: Free
Download FMA for iOS

Other Ways to Download Free Music on Your iPhone/iPod Touch

If we’re talking about free music on the iPhone, the options could be limited. However, the internet has a superfluity of sources where you can download music for free. Finally, don’t neglect your own collection of CDs and MP3s. You can easily copy any songs that are stored on your computer to your iPhone. You will need to save them in your Dropbox folder, launch the Dropbox app on your iPhone and enjoy the music playback.

That’s pretty much it on how to download free music on iPhone!

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