How to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Flashlight Not Working


If your iPhone 13 Pro flashlight isn’t working or if the Flashlight Icon is grayed out in Control Center, You have several ways to fix the problem.

Here are various ways to fix an iPhone 13 Pro flashlight that won’t turn on.

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Though you might not use the flashlight on your iPhone every day, it’s indispensable when you need it. But what do you do when your iPhone 13 Pro flashlight is not working?

We’re here to help. We’ll explain why flashlight is not working on your iPhone 13 Pro and how to fix the issue.

The solutions explain on this article applies to iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max that flashlight is not working.

Note: If you cannot find your flashlight in your iPhone 13 Pro Control Center, you may have accidentally removed it, but you can quickly add it back in the Settings app.

Use these nifty tips to fix iPhone 13 Pro flashlight not working issue

Follow these steps in the order listed to troubleshoot an iPhone 13 Pro flashlight that’s not working.

Remove iPhone Cover

In certain cases, the problem of Flashlight not working on iPhone 13 Pro is due to the Flash Lens being covered by an ill-fitting or improperly designed iPhone cover.

Take a good look at the back of your iPhone and see if the Flash Lens is being blocked by the cover. Remove the cover from iPhone and see if the Flashlight is now working properly.

Close the Camera app

If the flashlight particularly isn’t working while taking pictures or shooting videos, then restarting the Camera app may fix it. To do so, swipe up to the middle of the screen. Then close the Camera app by sliding it off the top of the screen.

In addition, make sure you set the flash to Automatic in the Camera app. To do this, tap the lightning bolt icon on the left side of the screen to see your flash options (you can’t use the flash for panoramic photographs or time-lapse videos).

Restart your iPhone

The mother of all the solutions has worked multiple times for me to fix the problem of iPhone 13 Pro flashlight not working, so it may work for you as well. If a particular app or process is conflicting with the flashlight, then a simple reboot should fix it. This resets some of the temporary settings that cause apps and features to malfunction. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Shut Down.

Force restart your iPhone

A basic restart sometimes isn’t enough to fix a problem. In some cases, you may need to perform a force restart, which is a more powerful reset. To do this, press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Press and hold the Side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Use a third-party flashlight app

If the built-in iPhone 13 Pro flashlight is not working, you can resort to using a third-party flashlight app. There are hundreds of them on the App Store. Simply type ‘Flashlight’ into the search field on the app store then From the search results, choose your favorite flashlight app.

Update iOS

Head to Settings > General > Software Update. If an Update is available, tap download and install.

Reset all iPhone settings

This process is not as dramatic as it sounds, as it doesn’t erase your personal data or apps. Rather, it resets the iPhone to its default settings, something which may get the iPhone 13 Pro flashlight icon (and the flashlight) working again. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset all Settings.

Restore the iPhone to factory settings

If you find your iPhone 13 Pro flashlight not working after trying all the above solutions, we recommend Factory Resetting your phone to clear any software glitches that are preventing it from working. This is a more extreme, time-consuming solution that will reset your device to default settings, which may fix iPhone 13 Pro flashlight not working problem as well. A factory reset deletes the data on your iPhone, so it is critical that you back up your data before performing this step. You can do this by navigating to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase all content and settings.

Contact Apple support

You may find that the flashlight does not turn on, even when its button is lit up as normal. This is a hardware problem, so you need to contact Apple or take the phone to a certified repair shop. If your iPhone is still under warranty, you should be able to have it repaired for free.

It’s best not to attempt to fix the flashlight yourself since doing so could invalidate any warranty you have on the phone. It may also worsen the problem.

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iPhone 13 Pro flashlight not working? Fixed!

Now you know how to fix the flashlight not working issue on your iPhone 13 Pro. It’s a simple task, but knowing how to perform these steps means you won’t get stuck in the dark for long.

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