How To Spot A Fake iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus in 2020?

So, in today’s article i’d like to look at how to spot a fake iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus. The last thing you want is to be buying a new iPhone
only to find out later that your money just went down the drain. Hopefully if you read this piece beforehand or early enough you can
avoid becoming a victim and get a refund or get your cash back. But lets hope this will never happen.

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iPhone 8 is just as fast as the iPhone X, has a longer battery life, and, well, it still has the home button. The iPhone 8 Plus is still a great pick for the majority.Keep in mind the Fake or clone iPhone 8 looks very similar to the real iPhone but if you look out for a few key characteristics, you can easily differentiate the fake iPhone from a real one. Please keep in mind, there are numerous fakes and they don’t usually subscribe to the same design practice. The clever thing to do is to read each point carefully.

How To Spot a Fake iPhone 8

To spot fake iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, simply look for the following:

Sign 1: Packaging

Look out for irregularities such as Chinese language on the rear of the box. In addition, Apple products are recognized for their devotion to detail so watch out for distorted writings or other

signs that shows a rushed product.Apple would never do that as everything is precisely put together and designed. Moreover, if you spot unofficial color of box art

then in all likelihood, you have a fake iPhone 8.

Sign 2: Accessories

The accessories should look like Apple accessories in shape and design. If you spot unfunctional accessories such as EarPods and charger, then you have a fake. Also, the unboxing experience should be similar to all other unboxings you have seen

on sites such as YouTube. 

Sign 3: Check the welcome screen

If you spot some Chinese writings or Android logos while booting up your phone, that’s a fake iPhone. Also, don’t be duped by Apple logos during startup since the fakes

Normally include those Apple logo convincing effect.

Sign 4: Font type

Fake iPhones have a very different font. if you can get hold of a real iPhone 8 and compare it directly that would go a long way in spotting a fake iPhone 8. Moreover, icons are labeled differently at times.

Sign 5: Check out for the home button

The home buttons snaps as it’s a real button on a fake. The iPhone 8 does not bear a physical or pressable home button.

Sign 6: Watch out for Preloaded Apps

There should be no preloaded third-party Apps such as Youtube,Instagram or Telegram on a brand new iPhone. Moreover, in case your device skips the setup process

and boots right up when you first power it on, its surely a fake.

Sign 7: Check the fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint sensor is usually a fake. you can register a finger and then try using a different finger to unlock. Fakes will be unlocked with any finger

and only pretend to scan your fingerprint.

Sign 8: Check the display quality

fake iPhones have a very poor display. When compared to the real iPhone 8, there is a huge difference in terms of quality. The display should be completely black when a real iPhone is off as well as bezel

around the home button.In some fakes it’s some how white in color.

Sign 9: Check out for the speed

Fakes are usually sluggish particularly in transition animation and overall performance. The genuine iPhone 8 has no such problems.

Sign 10: Pricing

Just as we saw in
Fake iPhone 11
round up, if the deal or prices you see are too good to be true then its almost certainly a fake.

iPhones have a high price tag. In this regard, scammers don’t attempt to pass off a fake by selling it close to the real price, but you understand what I mean. It’s always advisable to purchase an iPhone from a trustworthy source such as Apple or Amazon.

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OK folks I trust the above tips were helpful in telling the real iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus from a Chinese clone. These clones look allot like the real phone and its up to

you to be keen and watch out for cautionary signs of a fake iPhone. If this was helpful please leave a comment below and please share this article with friend.

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