how to spot a fake iphone X?fake iphone x vs real

iPhone X
is one of the most widely held smartphones launched a while ago and you can be certain there are fake iPhone X X clones in circulation out there. So, in today’s article we will
look at how to spot a fake iPhone X.
Fake iPhone X cloneIn my
previous article , I discussed a number of
tips on
How To Spot a Fake iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
and today, we shall focus our attention on how to spot a fake iPhone X.
An original iPhone X is quite expensive and is one of the most premium flagship out there and the last thing you want
is to be duped into purchasing a inexpensive knock off. If you want to know how to spot a fake iphone X, then this comprehensive guide is for you.
here is the step-by-step guide which will help you to determine fake iPhone X vs real and evade a scam or get a refund on your
purchase. According to
The iPhone X was a revolutionary device many people were waiting for and two years later, it is still a fantastic device despite being replaced by the newer models. If you can find a good deal then you won’t be disappointed with it. For all the new features and new technologies it introduced, the iPhone X is still very much the iPhone you know and love.
iPhone X clones look very similar to a real iPhones and fake manufacturers are always trying as much as possible to make their copy look more real but the trick is
to be extra careful with the small details every time you are purchasing a new iPhone. Apple is really thorough when it comes to the design and build quality of their products which most fakes
cannot replicate.
Also keep in mind that there is no universal list of indicators to look out for since fakes are produced by different manufacturers and they just produce and throw these devices out
there. Therefore, use some common sense in conjunction with the tips explained below.

How To Spot a Fake iPhone X

To spot a fake iPhone X, look for the following:

Sign 1: Packaging

Take a thorough look at the packaging particularly if its taped up and take special notice to anything that might grab your attention like messy packaging,
dirt inside the box, poorly written documentation, poor printed images on the box or odd writings on the box. In addition, check if on the inside of
the box you have materials such as foam and bubble wrap which Apple cannot include inside the box.

Sign 2: Package Contents

Pay close focus to the accessories that such as EarPods or lightening to USB charger. The accessories should match all other iPhone X models you have seen out there,
Should you get faulty accessories or junk that should not be included in iPhone X box, then its almost certainly a fake. Moreover, fakes have a tendency to to come in unofficial
colors that Apple don’t produce and the phones is usually decollated with funny stickers on the rear for some reason.

Sign 3: The Display

The iPhone X comes in edge to edge display and you should look out for that on the display alongside the Notch at the top of the display. In addition, don’t be misled
by software generated notches that blocks out the top part of the display to appear rather convincing. 

Sign 4: Signs of Android

A great deal of iPhone X if not all are a well skinned type of Android that’s engineered to resemble Apple operating system. There are noticeable signs especially
on booting where you will see signs of android elements, and in case you have ever operated an Android device they will be obvious.

Sign 5: Fake Face ID

fake iPhone X clone can’t replicate Face ID feature therefore, they engineer a fake imitation that doesn’t actually work.For those that seem to work, they are simply insecure
As they can typically be unlocked by any face.

Sign 6: Performance

Most fake iPhone X clones are extremely slow and sluggish when compared to an original iPhone X. iPhone should have no lag at all especially when it is new.  If you
look at settings such as storage and what version of iOS is running on your device the information presented is all fake.Also if you can run a diagnostic
test and compare the results to other iPhone X devices out there you will realize your score is way off.

Sign 7: No Siri

Try initiating Siri, fake iPhone X clones don’t have Apples assistant installed and you may get some other bizarre assistant.

Sign 8: The Camera

Original iPhone X has super camera quality while the fake ones take low quality photos and videos. In addition,
Certain key iPhone X camera features such as portrait mode, optical image stabilization will be absent and the quality of photos and videos will be inferior.

Sign 9: Build Quality

Physical quality of fakes is usually poor, in that it appears convincing however, the rear can detach very easily without any special tools and you can
Spot other faultiness in the build.If you can open up your device, you can easily notice. The internals will confirm this is just a mere counterfeit.

Sign 10: Red Flags

As I mentioned before, these fakes don’t subscribe to any universal design philosophy and they will try as much as possible to replicate appearance and feel of the
Original iPhone X including gestures and stuff like that. Therefore, watch out for any unusual physical sign or the software such as the Quality of the
Display noting that original iPhone X has a very high resolution display and more.

Signing off

I do hope you learned enough about How to spot a fake iPhone X or a iPhone X clone and you know exactly what to lookout for when purchasing a new iPhone especially
in person. If you shop online be sure to only buy from trustworthy sources and if you use eBay buy from Top rated sellers. Also keep in mind if the price sounds
too good to be real I assure you its a fake 101% of the time therefore, be vigilant at all times. Read
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