How to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13: 3 quick ways

By Dave Johnson - Executive Editor
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Just bought a new iPhone 13? Here are three quick ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 safely and securely.


  • To transfer data from an Android to a new iPhone 13, you can use the Move to iOS app.
  • To transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 after setup, you can use your Google account.

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If you’ve decided to swap from an Android to an iPhone 13, you’ll want to know how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13. After all, there’s no sense in abandoning your photos, videos, text messages, calendar appointments and contact details just because you’re leaving Android.

Fortunately, moving data from Android to iPhone 13 is a quick and easy process. In fact, I’ve done it nearly every year, when a new iPhone model comes around and I’m needing to transfer my prized photos, videos, and files across platforms.

Depending on how much data is being moved, the process can range from minutes to an hour plus. But no matter the time, the "how" stays the same, and below I’ve listed not one but three methods to transfer your data from Android to iPhone 13, safely and securely.

Note: information in this article apply to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13

Before you begin transferring data from Android to iPhone 13, it’s always good practice to do the following:

  1. Have at least a 75% charge: The higher, the better. Depending on how much data you’re transferring, it’s natural for your phone to become warm and, therefore, drain its battery at a much faster rate.
  2. Have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection: We’ll be moving the data wirelessly, which means a strong and static signal is necessary to facilitate a smooth transfer process.
  3. Double-check the amount of data you’re moving: Your iPhone 13 may or may not have enough storage space to receive every file.

Method 1: Transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 via Move to iOS

My go-to method for file transferring is Apple’s own Move to iOS service. It will be preloaded on your iPhone 13 so all you have to do is download the Move to IOS app on your Android device via the Google Play Store.

In order to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 using this method, you’ll have to be in the iOS Setup Assistant, which is the startup page when you first power on your new iOS device — the one that cycles between "Hello" in different languages. If you’ve already set up your iPhone 13 and can access the home screen, you’ll have to factory reset it to use Move to iOS. This can be done on your iPhone by going to Settings, clicking on General, followed by Transfer or Reset iPhone, and choosing the ”Erase all content and settings” option.

Step 1: Start with your iPhone
From iOS Setup Assistant, go through the initial setup slides, including Wi-Fi connection, establishing a passcode, and accepting Apple’s diagnostics terms and conditions. You’ll eventually see an Apps & Data screen.

Step 2: Tap on Move Data from Android
Then tap Continue.

Step 3: On your Android device, open the Move to iOS app
Agree to Apple’s privacy policies, grant the app access to your files and location, and hit Continue when you reach the Find Your Code screen.

Step 4: Your iPhone 13 should display a one-time code
Enter this code on your Android phone. This will connect the two phones with a local Wi-Fi connection, after which you’ll be able to select what files you’d like to transfer over.

The Move to iOS app can transfer six kinds of data from your device: your contacts; your message history; your photos and videos from your camera roll; your web bookmarks; your calendar(s); and your email account(s).

All six of these options will be checked for transfer by default; however, you can uncheck any of these if you don’t want to copy them across. Go ahead and make your choices.

Step 5: Wait for data transfer process to complete
Now you’ve got to let the phones do their work. Don’t close the Move to iOS app on your Android phone, and wait until your data’s moved across. Depending on how much data you’re moving from Android to iPhone 13, the transfer can take 30 minutes or more.

With your data now on the iPhone, you can finish setting it up without your Android phone.

Method 2: Transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 via Google account

Next, you can use your Gmail to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 via the cloud. This method is ideal if there are any extra files that you forgot to move over during the first method or if you had already set up your iPhone 13 and couldn’t use Move to iOS.

Here’s how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 after setup:

Step 1: Open Settings app on Android
Look for the Google tab, tap Backup, and toggle on what categories you’d like to be synced across devices. You can double-check what’s being copied by expanding Google Account data in the Backup details list. Wait until the backup sync is completed.

Step 2: Sync Google account with the iPhone
Open up the iPhone’s settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > and enter your Gmail credentials.
The data from your Google account should sync with the iPhone 13 and automatically begin importing.

Method 3: Transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 via Google drive

You can also upload files into a Google Drive folder and download them onto your iPhone. Just note that a standard, free Google account comes with 15GB of storage. You’ll have to pay up for expanded cloud storage.


Can I use the ‘Move to iOS’ app even if I already set up my iPhone 13?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use the file-transfer service if you already completed the iOS Setup Assistant. My best advice is to back up anything on your new iPhone that you’d like to keep, factory reset the iPhone, use the Move to iOS service, and then retrieve what was backed up. Again, just make sure you have enough storage to hold everything.

What is the fastest way to transfer data from Android to an iPhone 13?

Apple’s Move to iOS service is the most seamless and efficient transferring service that I’ve used to move data from Android to iPhone 13, especially when I’m still going through the initial phase of setup. Otherwise, you can also use third-party desktop programs: connect both phones to a computer, and move files across locally. However, I’m typically against using non-proprietary software when moving personal information, so I’d stick with the methods above for safety.

Can I transfer data from Android to an iPhone 13 after setup?

Yes. The best method is to back up any information that you’d like to transfer into Gmail or Google Drive and then download it from your iPhone. It requires more manual work, but it’s great if you only want to move certain files and not all.

Can I transfer data from Android to iPhone 13 using a flash drive?

Yes. It’s a bit convoluted, and works best if you’ve perhaps got big files to move. A flash drive such as the SanDisk iXpand Luxe for iPhone and USB Type-C devices is ideal because it will connect to iPhone 13 and earlier that have Lightning ports, and the iPhone 15 and Android devices that have USB-C ports.

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By Dave Johnson Executive Editor
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