How To Use AirPods as Hearing Aids? Know Steps

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Apple’s AirPods can help you hear better. An accessibility feature called “Live Listen” lets you use AirPods as hearing aids.
This is how you can use AirPods as hearing aidsApple AirPods are among the most stylish iPhone accessories you can buy right now. Besides listening to music and podcasts, you can use them as hearing aids by enabling “Live Listen” feature which amplifies sounds around your immediate environment.
The AirPods Live Listen feature uses iPhones Mic which is used to capture and transfer the audio straight to your AirPods. As such, should you be hard of hearing, you can simply lay your iPhone on a table — or even hold it close to someone’s mouth — and the AirPods will amplify what’s being spoken rather than asking someone to raise their voice.
The feature works perfectly and you can even use it to spy on other peoples conversations. This is because your iPhone can transfer audio to your AirPods even when you are a few yards away from your iPhone as long as the AirPods remain connected to your iPhone via the Bluetooth. If you want to activate and use the AirPods Live Listen feature, there are a few simple steps you need to follow.
Here is the step by step guide which can help you set up and use live listen feature on your iOS device.

Steps to Use AirPods as Hearing Aids Using Live Listen

Follow these steps to turn on and use The Live Listen feature in your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Start Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Control Center.
  3. Tap on Customize Controls.
  4. Tap the green + button next to Hearing to add it to control center.

Now, you can enable Live Listen feature on control center.

How to use Live Listen on your iPhoneor iPad with AirPods

Now that you have the feature enabled on your iPhone or iPad, you can start using Live Listen with yourAirPods:

  1. Pop your AirPods in your ears.
  2. on an iPhone X or newer, swipe down from the top-right of your home screen to launch control center.
  3. on an iPhone 8 or earlier,swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to launch control center.
  4. Next, tap on the ear icon.
  5. Finally, tap the “Live Listen” option to turn it on.

Now, you can lay your iPhone on a table and you’ll be able to hear their conversation from your AirPods. To test the feature, put your
iPhone on the table while people are having a conversation at the table and walk out of the room.
That’s pretty much it. You can turn on live listen feature on the Control Center any time you want to use it. When you are done using the feature, keep in mind to turn it off to avoid distorting your music or podcast.

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