7 iOS Apps for the Best Travel Experiences

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As you plan to embark on your travel, one thing you may want to think about are some apps that can make that travel experience more efficient, more enjoyable, and provide resources that you will want or need.

There are a huge number of such apps, and it is difficult to isolate and identify those that will be best for both leisure and business travelers.

Here are seven apps that, if you do not already have, you should consider adding to your phone before you leave.

  1. ~~Google Translate~~

This is not a perfect translation tool, but it does fulfill basic needs for simple translations. One of the coolest features of this app is that a traveler can actually take a picture of a sign, menu, etc. and have it translated immediately.

This is not an app to use for important translations, however.

  1. ~~Uber/Lyft~~

Both of these companies have gone global, Uber a bit faster than Lyft. Still, you can now order one of them in all major cities on the planet. Think about these benefits: they will be cheaper than taxis; you will get the car description, the driver’s name, and time of arrival. Plus, you order and pay for your ride using your bank card, not cash – no hassle with local currency and tips.

  1. ~~Banking Apps~~

Be certain to upload the apps for your bank and your credit/debit card accounts. You don’t want to risk using hotel Wi-Fi web services where you are unsure of the security measures they may or may not have in place.

  1. ~~Airbnb/Hostelworld/Couchsurfing~~

Yes, these are three separate apps, but for leisure travelers, all three may be of use. Whether you need a couch, a room, an apartment, a house, or a reasonable hostel, these will serve you well. Each of these apps allows you to explore all of your options, pricing, and many are available on very short notice. If you do not have a set agenda, these apps will come in handy. With each of them, you can set your parameters and be shown all that is available in the locale. If you do have an itinerary, you can book in advance – your budget will thank you.

  1. ~~Maps.Me~~

This is an app you can use offline when traveling. All you have to do is download a map for a specific locale, and you will have walking routes for wherever you want to go. It’s a simple and easy-to-use app, and perfect for sightseeing when you prefer to walk.

One note here: If you are walking about, you must be aware that, in certain cities, you will need to carry your travel documents with you. It will be important to have duplicates of these should those you carry be lost or stolen. Research the documents you will need for every country you plan to visit and get translated forms of them to keep in the hotel safe or other secure places.

  1. ~~Skyscanner~~

Rather than check cheap flights via every website and app that offers them, roll all of your searchings into a single app. It will search through millions of flights from all other sources and find you the cheapest, based upon your entry details. The added bonuses with this app are that it will show the best days to travel the cheapest and will send you notices when prices change.

  1. ~~Airline Apps~~

Every major airline has an app that you can download to an Android or iPhone device. You should download all of those that you regularly use, for a number of conveniences:

  • ~~You get a digital boarding pass which will streamline your passing through checkpoints – no more printed out boarding passes~~
  • ~~You can sign up for notifications from all of these airlines. They will notify you of flight delays, gate changes, and more.~~

These Seven…

Is this a complete list? Absolutely not. Every traveler will have unique needs – methods for tracking expenses, a complex itinerary compiled all in one place, finding attractions, restaurants, etc. Think about what types of apps will serve your needs, do the research to find the best ones, and keep that phone charged.

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