Apple TV Remote Not Working? Fix

Are you experiencing Apple TV remote problems? Well. In this article I’ll explain exactly how you can fix if your Apple TV remote is not working properly. It’s important to fix Apple TV remote issues because you won’t be able to use your Apple TV without your remote.

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Sometimes your Apple TV remote may become glitchy, act bizarre or may not work at all. How you can troubleshoot your Apple TV remote depends on what type of remote you have.

There are three different types of Apple TV remote:

  1. Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote:
    • They have a rechargeable battery.
    • They can work with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.
  2. Apple Remote (aluminum):
    • It has a replaceable battery.
    • It can work with any Apple TV.
  3. Apple Remote (white):
    • It has a replaceable battery.
    • It can work with any Apple TV.

Please see below how you can fix Apple TV remote problems. Before you dive into it, however, check for obstruction. Ensure that there are no objects between your Apple TV and Apple TV remote that can block the sensor and signal. Get rid of any obstacles in front of your TV. Moreover, ensure that you do not use your remote too far away from your Apple TV.

Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote not working?

Apple TV remote not working? No problem! here is what you can do to fix Apple TV remote problems:

After trying each fix below, test your Apple TV remote to see if the problem is fixed.

  1. It is possible that your remote may seem to be unresponsive its battery is completely dead. If your remote is low on charge, it may stop working. Connect your remote to a power source and charge it. Allow it to charge for about 30 minutes. If you suspect that your battery is not charging, make sure that:
  • Your charger and cable are not damaged.
  • Your cables are plugged in properly.
  • Your power source is working.
  • Restart your Apple TV. Since you are having issues with your remote, simply disconnect your Apple TV from its power outlet, wait for about 10 seconds and then reconnect it. This is also referred to as reset.
  • Repair your remote. Simply follow these steps:
    • Ensure that your Apple TV is powered on.
    • Point your remote towards your Apple TV.
    • Press and hold down the menu and volume up buttons together for about five seconds. Then follow the onscreen prompts.

    Is your Apple TV not connecting to Wi-Fi?

    Aluminum or white Apple TV remote not working?

    Here is what you can do:

    1. Consider replacing its battery. You can purchase the batteries from most general stores. The aluminum remote uses a CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery while the white remote uses CR2032. To change the battery, simply follow these steps:
    • Open the battery slot located at the back of he remote.
    • Take out the old battery.
    • Insert the new battery. Please make sure that you fix the battery properly. Observe the polarity. Please make sure that the – (negative) and + (positive) ends of the new battery match with the + and – battery slots in your Apple TV remote.
    • Close the slot.
  • Restart your Apple TV. As indicated above, you can do this by disconnecting (and then reconnecting) your Apple TV device from power outlet.
  • Unpair and then repair. Simply follow these steps:
    • Unpair: Press and hold down the Menu and Left buttons for about six seconds.
    • Pair: Press and hold down the Menu and Right buttons for about six seconds.

    So you have tried all the above fixes. If you are still having Apple TV remote problems, it is time to
    contact Apple support.
    There is a possibility that your Apple TV remote is defective.

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