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iOS 15 is coming out this fall, and it’s full of features that will make the iPhone even better. Apple learned from the pandemic, so they focused on making the distance between their users irrelevant. Staying in touch with people you can’t see in person will feel the same as you’re sitting next to each other, thanks to SharePlay. We’ll get back to iOS 15 features. Now we’ll mention an industry that will benefit from its release more than most. Online dating sites will become even more exciting when their members start using the latest gifts from Apple.

However, that doesn’t mean starting a relationship online will be easy on random sites. Choosing sites with a solid reputation and community of people similar to you will stay the most important thing for meeting dating sites. You know that reputation doesn’t come from anywhere. That’s why you’re using an iPhone instead of other smartphones. Their reputation is the result of constant work and providing the best experience to their users. The same works for online dating sites. Those that don’t deliver are exposed quickly. Members and experts praise sites on which people can actually start dating online. Quick flirt reviews show that QuickFlirt keeps getting more popular in the USA, UK, and Australia. Their reputation keeps getting better, so they’re doing everything right. Still, that’s a niche site specialized in casual dating which means it may disappoint older members. Find out if that’s true below; you’ll be surprised.

Which Age Groups Use Online Dating the Most?

You may think that online dating is reserved only for youngsters, but that’s far away from the truth. According to, online dating is popular among all age groups. It’s more popular among younger people, but matures and seniors are seeking partners online as well. In the USA alone, 13% of seniors (people over 65) tried online dating. Matures (50-64 years old) are even more aware of the benefits online dating provides. 19% of them looked (or are looking) for partners on dating sites. People between 30 and 49 are regular dating sites, 38% of Americans that age have a profile on at least one online dating site. Young people (between 18 and 30) are still the majority on online dating sites 48% of them tried online dating.

Two factors are important in the statistic above:

  • The statistics are from 2019 – more people of all ages and sexual orientations have joined since then.
  • Some sites specialize in connecting a specific group of people – senior dating sites, for example. On such sites, there aren’t any youngsters. In other words, although the majority of seniors don’t use dating sites, those who do can easily find sites with many people their age.

Are There Many iPhone Users on QuickFlirt?

The percentage of people in each age group using iPhones and the community on QuickFlirt reveals that iPhones are popular among them. However, that’s a conclusion based on the following data.

iPhone users by age:

  • 16-24 – 44%
  • 25-34 – 34%
  • 35-44 – 13%
  • 45 – 10%

QuickFlirt users:

  • 18-24 – 11%
  • 25-34 – 29%
  • 35-44 – 22%
  • 45-54 – 17%
  • 55 – 20%

Youngsters prefer iPhones, but they aren’t alone on QuickFlirt because people over 35 make 60% of the community. Of course, that doesn’t mean older people on the site aren’t video chatting over iPhones. And, those who aren’t will think about it when they realize what iOS 15 has to offer.

How Will iOS 15 Features Change Online Dating Forever?

We mentioned SharePlay, the new feature of FaceTime. It lets people watch movies, TV shows, or anything else while video chatting with other people. It requires a strong WiFi connection, so iPhone 12 users who have trouble keeping their phone online should fix it before iOS 15 comes out. Will special features of dating sites follow the trend and be SharePlay-friendly, is yet to be seen. The same as SpatialAudio and GridView. That would make chat rooms on dating platforms feel like real parties. People would be able to see everybody else in the room thanks to GridView. SpatialAudio would make it feel like they are literally in the same room, no matter because voices will come from the direction where a person is on the screen. If dating sites allow their members with iPhones to use PortraitMode from iOS 15, no one will worry about cleaning the room behind them before taking photos to share with other members. PortraitMode enables blurring of the background so other members can focus on you instead of the pile of clothes on your bed.

Those are just some of iOS 15 features that will be useful on and off online dating sites. Many iPhone users will start a relationship online by the end of the year if they try dating online over the powerful devices they possess. Steve Jobs must be smiling somewhere because iPhone goes hand in hand with one of the fastest-growing online industries.

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