10 Best iPhone Learning Apps to Increase Your Knowledge


There are much more opportunities to boost your brain than you think. Just try to count how many times a week you wait for your order at a cafe or how much time you spend reading your social media feed. But you can turn these wasting periods into useful activities. For instance, try a learning app.

What is learning software?

Open App Store, and you will see that people want to get more from their gadgets than ever before. There are numerous options to learn foreign languages, improve your skills in different areas, scale your knowledge in any subject.
That’s why using iPhone learning apps does make sense. All you need is to find good software and install it on your device. Do your lessons for fun and achieve new skills without huge effort and wasting time? Nowadays, it is as easy as ABC.
Don’t you believe it? Well, it means you haven’t tried a good learning app yet.

The best learning apps

Pay attention to these examples of iOS apps. We have collected the best learning apps for people with wide interests and demands.

1. YouTube

This is probably one of the most well-known applications ever. Kids use it, and adults use it; even cats adore watching virtual aquariums online. So it may be surprising news that you can consider YouTube a learning app.
Well, you can’t ask anyone there for help, but YouTube is a real treasure trove! Just imagine how many videos about anything you can find here. Just be ready to filter useful channels from useless ones. Besides, you can use YouTube for free or pay $12.99 per month to skip all ads.

2. PhotoMath

If you want to fix your knowledge in math, then you need a narrow learning app for this. Don’t spend much time searching because a perfect app is here!
PhotoMath matches its name. This app teaches you all you may need about math. From the beginning to the end, it contains all topics for students of different grades.
PhotoMath is a free app with an easy interface. It uses OCR technology to read your tasks and prepare solutions for you. You get not only answers to your homework but also great explanations.

3. Duolingo

If you want to learn a foreign language but have zero knowledge, then your mission is almost impossible. Usually, people start learning German, Korean, Italian, Spanish, and other languages in groups or individually with a teacher. Everyone who tries to do it without help usually fails.
Duolingo was launched in 2014 and changed the game. There are many available languages now you can learn for free. An extended version costs $9.99 per month or $95.99 per year. It is said that 34 hours in this app means you complete a whole semester in school.
Why is this learning app so powerful? It teaches you funnily and playfully but gives you real knowledge. Thanks to this software, you can improve your grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. You will start with the simplest lessons and go through challenging tasks. As a result, you can start using a foreign language for any purpose.

4. Curious

You can type any request in Google and get an answer. This is why this search engine has become so popular. Now we have many iPhone learning apps with similar ideas. One of the best options is Curious.
This app helps you to become smarter in several minutes per day and doesn’t require you to type requests. Developers publish exciting content on different topics to let you satisfy your curiosity.

5. Khan Academy

Whether you are a student or an adult, you need more precious knowledge in your life. Sometimes we want to complete a school program successfully, develop additional skills for work, or just boost our brains. No matter your desire, Khan Academy is one of the greatest iPhone learning apps.
Khan Academy is well-known for its wide array of choices. You can learn here plenty of classic subjects like economics, science, math, physics, etc. It is great to get new knowledge or refresh your memory.
Khan Academy is a free app. It includes more than 2,000 courses from actual college programs and nearly 10,000 useful videos.

6. Magic Cube Puzzles 3D

Doing puzzles helps to develop your attention, analytical skills, and planning abilities. It’s almost a game, but gaming will bring you real advantages.
So try Magic Cube Puzzles 3D. This is not an example of traditional iPhone learning apps because it doesn’t contain specific courses and lessons. But this software is worth your attention and can funnily boost your brain.

7. Cerego

If you love to improve your experience and always want to get more from your education, then try this learning app. It is popular among both teens and adults, has many downloads and positive reviews in the App Store, and may suit you too.
The general idea of the Cerego is microlearning. It means small but regular and personalized steps to boost your knowledge in the exact field. Such an approach helps you to stay in touch with your education progress and don’t lose your motivation in the future.

8. Flipboard

Education must be connected with current events. Otherwise, your knowledge may be useless and not worth a cent. The best you can do is to stay relevant and read interactive content.
Flipboard helps you to find exciting and useful information from different sources and curate your favorite pieces of articles, podcasts, videos to your digital library. You may store such content for future assignments or use it as inspiration.

9. Asana

You can’t be productive if you are bad at time management. That’s why Asana may become your holy grail. So it’s highly recommended to use such a to-do app to plan your activities.
Well, this is not one of the numerous iPhone learning apps everyone needs, but you will thank yourself in the future for using it today. It allows you to schedule your leisure and learning activities, track your productivity, and make plans.

10. LinkedIn Learning

Adult people want to improve their skills in management, communication, creativity, and so on. Compared to high school or college students, they clearly understand what they need. But usually, they have no idea how to do it.
So welcome to LinkedIn Learning. This is one of the latest learning apps in the App Store. It is dedicated to the demands of modern adults who work now and want to gain better positions in the future. Here you can get more knowledge about corporate culture, time management, content creation, and other well-known and required skills. Well, there are no courses for knitting or cooking. But this is part of the general LinkedIn goal.
This app is free too. So let it a try if you want to improve your experience as a worker.
As you can see, there are so many great iOS apps for people who are seeking new knowledge. You may need a short refreshing of the school program – there are endless opportunities for you. So if you have free time, then there are many options to spend it with benefits!

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