The Best Online Meeting Apps for iPhone in 2022


Due to the spread of the coronavirus, millions of people around the world have been forced to start working from home and rely on online meeting apps.

Online meetings apps for iPhone makes it easy to still hold those meetings we all dread so much but are a part of our daily work lives. In fact, they might just be more useful than ever bearing in mind how much we all now rely on communicating with our colleagues as much as possible.

With those benefits in mind, the following are some of the best online meeting apps for iPhone in 2022.

Best online meeting apps for iPhone

Our Best Picks:


We mentioned Zoom in our roundup of best Remote Worker Apps for iPhone and iPad but it’s worth talking about it here. In fact, you can argue that Zoom is just one of the absolute best online meeting apps for iPhone out there.

What separates Zoom from the pack is accessibility, quality, and features. The app allows users to start or join a meeting with just one or two steps. It rocks , and delivers, some of the best audio and video quality of any app of it’s nature. It’s packed with great features that ranges from easier hands-off use to smart visual sharing which open a whole world of online meeting possibilities.

Zoom is so good that you might start using it even when physical meetings are an option. It should be your first choice in this field, and it might be the only online meeting app for iPhone that you’ll ever need. You can check out How to Use Zoom App on iPhone and iPad Here


As one of the “older” online meeting apps for iPhone out there, you might be tempted to replace GoToMeeting with a newer option. but, you’d be overlooking some of the things that this app shines in.

First of all, this service’s oldness means that it’s been polished over the years. You can tell this just by exploring its clean user interface and smart user features. Next, GoToMeeting offers some of the most steady connections than any app of it’s kind. That steadiness often makes a big difference when you’re talking about overall quality.

Typically, however, GoToMeeting is mostly preferred because of its great features. From easy full-screen sharing to commuter options and smooth individual chat options, GoToMeeting delivers almost total suite of thrilling capabilities.


If you don’t already know, FaceTime is probably installed on your iPhone or iPad. We’re certain, nevertheless, that you don’t consider it as one of the best online meeting apps for iPhone.
Maybe, you only use it to communicate with friends and family.

However, FaceTime can do more than that. It doesn’t contain some of the more advanced features available on dedicated options, but it makes up for it with accessibility and easiness of use. FaceTime is user-friendly and most people already have it installed on their devices. If you’ve just gotta have a chat with your co-worker, it’s a largely pain-free way to do just that.

For larger business meetings, we can’t really recommend FaceTime as an option. However, you’d be amazed how well it works for small audience ,.

Google Hangouts

Another app we’d want to talk about is Hangouts. Just like FaceTime, we can’t really recommend this as one of the best full-service online meeting apps for iPhone. We understand that statement is quite ironical considering the proposition of the title of this post.

However, Google Hangouts is one of those options that makes too much sense to not recommend. As part of the larger suite of Google programs, it’s for most people to easily gain access to it. The best part, it’s probably attached to other Google programs that most people would want to access at a meeting. That qualifies it as one of the best choices for more “impromptu” arrangements.

In fact, with its support for multiple users capability, Google Hangouts is not a bad overall option for smaller meetings and chats of that nature.


As an iPhone user, there’s a high chance you’ve heard about Slack. It’s definitely one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad regardless of function.

One thing you might not be aware of is that Slack is also one of the better overall online meeting apps for iPhone. It offers some fairly expansive video call options that many users don’t know about. Just like Slack, it’s particularly fantastic at supporting conversations between multiple people.

Generally, however, we recommend Slack, why? There is a high chance your co-workers are already using it. That means that everyone can turn a regular Slack session into a full meeting with a few taps. Apart from making Video calls, Slack can also help in communicating with your team members in a way that hopefully ensures you can avoid having so many meetings in the first place.


Here comes another app that we don’t necessarily recommend as the best choice for those who need to host larger meetings quite often. Similarly, we understand that’s quite ironical taking into account why you probably decided to look for online meeting apps for iPhone in the first place.

Yet, Skype is one of the definitive examples of working with what is at your disposal. Most computers have Skype installed as a default communication option, and the vast majority of people knows how to use it. That makes it really easy to host a meeting with a colleague without having to go through a complex set-up process that includes installing new technology.

We assume your average workstation will get better options than Skype. For what it offers, though, it’s certainly a fairly great alternative to more complex options.

Cisco WebEx

Professionalism is very crutial in meetings, and it’s also crutial in online meeting apps. The best such apps should not only be professional in their Design but should be rich with professional features crafted to help you host and participate in meetings effortlessly.

That’s where Cisco WebEx stands out from the pack. Noticeably, Cisco WebEx is developed by professionals for professionals to host the smoothest web meetings possible. The quest of that ambitious goal involves everything from great connection speeds, easy file sharing, and fantastic options which makes it easy To schedule meetings with just a few taps.

With features such as custom video layouts, Cisco definitely doesn’t fall short of style. Yet, we tend to recommend it most to the people looking for something neat, reliable, and best of all, professional.


Thinking that there’s not much new in the planet when it comes to online meetings apps for iPhone? Well, That’s not entirely the case, but there is an element of truth in That. There are many apps available today that offer excellent service, but they fairly also offer rather similar services.

BlueJeans is one of the few options which offer something a bit different. Apart from boasting the most extensive in-app scheduling modes that you Can ever find from the apps of it’s nature, it also feature smart options like low bandwith support. Moreover, it features fantastic touch screen interface and can support up to 25 people at a go (and up to 100 via the premium option).

What you’ve got here, then, is a total incredible app that happens to offer certain features that we’d love to see become standard. Some people may argue that this is the best overall online meeting app for iPhone, however, that’s a matter of debate


One major drawback with online meetings is relative lack of shared resources. In a physical meeting, you can all look at the same screen, the same board, or the same piece of paper. This simplifies the process of communicating similar ideas. In a virtual meeting, such options are usually much more limited. That’s where Join.Me kicks in. With features such as a virtual whiteboard, presenter swaps, and even screen sharing abilities, Join.Me offers one of the most striking collections of physical media alternatives that you can ever find. This is certainly the easiest way to share such materials with a large group of people digitally.

And that covers everything about best online meeting apps for iPhone. We hope we are able to help you in one way or another. For more articles like this, please visit our website

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