Don’t buy a Laptop, Buy a MacBook: Here’s Why

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When it comes to deciding on what laptop to buy, I have always been a strong believer in the idea that an expensive product, while costing more upfront, will provide much more value in the course of time.

This value ranges from simple daily experience to generating a full-time income through content you can produce on the device. Because a laptop is such a powerful tool and it’s portable, it offers you the ability to create almost anything.

The computer I’m currently using is the base Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch from 2019. I choose a MacBook because of the content I could create which would simply be much more challenging and in some cases impossible on other devices.

Premium Hardware

I have always valued the importance of quality when it comes to those things that really matter in my life. While a laptop is certainly not a basic item, it allows me to work, play and innovate through a thin and light device that I can take anywhere.
When using a MacBook I always get the feeling that Apple engineers spent sleepless nights meticulously crafting every aspect of the device. I can say the same about just a few other pieces of tech.
From the well-balanced keyboard to the force-touch trackpad everything works like magic. I have owned this device for almost a year now and the hardware is just as functional as the first day. The touch bar is also a nice touch and while pretty useless most of the time it usually reminds of the lengths Apple will go to innovate.

The display is sharp and color-accurate enough to suit my needs. I find that a good display is hard to notice but a bad one is quite easy.
Overall hardware is far too undervalued and quite honestly underrated in the tech world and a device like the MacBook makes using the computer far more intuitive and enjoyable.

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Premium Software

Apple is popularly known for updating the software on their devices each year. This is great because it means the Cupertino based brand is always working around the clock to improve the user experience.
This is another thing I can’t always say about other companies. As a MacBook user, I often feel as though Apple has customed tailored the product for my use and if not is working towards that goal through future updates.

Apple’s software is simple but powerful. It has been refined for years to improve user’s experience and you can notice it in day to day use. Everything from an easily accessible dock to spotlight search to dark mode and apps, macOS is extremely powerful and provides the tools you need to get work done.
I have always appreciated Apple software as a minimalist because it stays true to simple design language and easily prevents you from getting distracted.


This is by far the best reason to pick Apple when it comes to buying a laptop. Unlike most Windows devices where a different company is usually the one creating the hardware than the software, Apple custom engineers the hardware to fit with the powerful software.
From the touch bar to force touch on the trackpad, every aspect of the device feels like it’s designed to work together.

Apple also offers unprecedented Continuity allowing you to use most of your important iPhone apps on the Mac. This means you can leave your iPhone behind and still receive text messages.
Everything syncs seamlessly from photos to music the overall Mac experience that much better.
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All things considered, if I were to recommend any laptop it would by far be the MacBook. Whether that be the MacBook Air to the Pro is dependant on your usage situation, but you can be sure you will receive a premium product tailor-made to suit your needs.

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