How to be More Productive With iPad Pro

With the right tools and the right adjustments, the iPad Pro can become a productivity workhorse. In this article, i’ll show you exactly how to be more productive with iPad Pro.

We keep hearing stories that the iPad Pro can be even more capable than a laptop to get things done. It’s very tempting to switch from a computer to Apple’s top of the range tablet, as it’s often described as the best portable computing device. It has a stunning Display, fantastic processing power, all packaged in a small, light mobile design.
However, even if the device is marketed as a “Pro” machine, it can be heard to know if the iPad Pro will be sufficient to get your job done. Depending on the review and experiences you read about, people are either in love with the device or consider it as a toy only suited to play a few games and watch Netflix.
In this article, I’ll give you some of my favorite iPad pro productivity tips, as I’ve been using this device as my primary computing device for an array of tasks for the past six months.

The iPad Pro’s Design Limits Distractions

The first thing I loved about the iPad Pro was how it focuses on single tasks. Apps display fullscreen, the dock is hidden, and if you get rid of notifications (which you should do), you can’t be distracted by anything else than what you are currently doing.
Although The Cupertino based brand has been putting a lot of effort on the multitasking features of the iPad Pro, I think the split-screen features aren’t that easy and smooth to use. I find it quicker just to hit the command + tab shortcut on my keyboard to switch between to apps than having to place to windows side-by-side. While this may look like a drawback, I think it helps you concentrate on your tasks without being distracted ever. The amount of effort you have to put out to be able to multitask or switch apps is higher than on a laptop, which makes focusing on a single task in a single app a lot more practical to do.
Notification settings are also a lot more flexible than on a desktop device. You can choose just to disable banners but still see notifications in the notification center of your iPad Pro. This way, you eliminate the interruption of a banner at the top of the Display, while still being able to stay up to date with whatever app or conversation you are having.
The iPad Pro’s design makes it a lot easier to do deep work than a laptop experience. Distractions are easily expunged, and staying on one full-screen app is incredibly fantastic.

Getting the Best Keyboard and Mouse for the iPad Pro

You won’t manage to accomplish many tasks if you don’t have, at least, a hardware keyboard for your iPad Pro. Apple has improved the virtual keyboard of the iPad over the years and is now better than ever, but it’s not sufficient if you have to produce content, and it doesn’t allow you to use any keyboard shortcuts that simplifies and streamlines your workflow.
The good news is that there is an array of options out there now. Apple has the
Smart keyboard Folio
which is great and Super portable, but it doesn’t offer a great typing experience. They recently released the
Magic Keyboard
for iPad, which appears to be way much better but is quite heavy and very expensive. My personal preference goes to the
by Studio Neat, which is a keyboard case for the Apple Magic Keyboard that opens up as a stand for the 12.9 iPad Pro. To me, it’s a way lighter, cheaper, and more portable option than the Magic Keyboard for iPad.
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As far as the mouse is concern, I have been using my Logitech MX Anywhere 2X for a while, and I’m fine with it. I don’t think the mouse is as necessary as a keyboard. If you know your keyboard shortcuts pretty well, you can navigate on the iPad Pro without having to touch the screen much. But having a mouse or a trackpad can help you with some tasks like formatting or editing.
If you are considering the iPad Pro to get work done, you need to have at least a keyboard and maybe a BlueTooth mouse to go with it. Spend a little extra time finding the right keyboard for you, you won’t ever use your iPad if you hate using it and typing on it.
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Using the Right Apps on the iPad Pro

This part will be the toughest to cover, as getting the appropriate iPad Pro productivity apps depends a lot on your current workflow and your personal preferences.
Actually, most apps on a Mac have a proper iPad version or an equivalent that will cover, at least, most of the basic features you need to get your work done. Depending on the tools you use, you will have to do some research to figure out if the iPad will be limiting you in any way or not.
In my case, I create content using the minimalistic writing app Bear. That’s where I take my notes, brainstorm, write my blog content. I edit my website using Squarespace on Safari, even if it is a bit limited. I edit my other sites directly on WordPress, and everything works pretty well. I edit my pictures in Lightroom and Photoshop. Photoshop isn’t as complete as on a Mac, but for Basic photo editing, it works just fine. I edit 4K videos in Lumafusion. It’s enough for short, not too ambitious, social media videos and stories, and it works incredibly well. I can also manage my Google Drive as well as on a Mac, manage my files directly in the Files app, and even do backups and file management on external hard drives.
The only job that I needed a desktop for, was to do some editing on my Squarespace website, which i trust will be possible sooner than later after a few updates and patches.
There are numerous resources online now about professionals going deep into details about their workflow since many people have fully transitioned to the iPad Pro already.
It’s worth noting that that your workflow will have to change a little bit from the one you are used to on desktop, but ultimately, you should be able to be as productive on the iPad Pro as you are on a laptop, but with even fewer distractions and unnecessary features.
The iPad Pro is a very powerful device if you commit to it, and if you spend some time adapting your workflow. If you don’t spend this time and effort, the iPad Pro will only appear like a little cool toy that won’t get you anything done. But with a good keyboard and mouse, with an adapted workflow, and with some smart notification setups, the iPad Pro can become the ultimate productivity machine.
It’s a very minimalistic Device. Push aside all the details and things that don’t matter. With the iPad Pro, you can totally focus on the 20% that contribute to 80% of your results.

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