How to take a screenshot without touching your iPhone

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One of the most appreciated features of the new iOS 14 update is the ability to take screenshots by tapping the back of your iPhone. With this feature, you can either perform a double-tap or a triple-tap on the back of your iPhone to capture a screenshot.

Typically, you can take screenshots on your iPhone by pressing the power button and either of the volume buttons at the same time. If you are using an iPhone with Touch ID, pressing the side button and the home button simultaneously does the trick. This hasn’t changed though. But this new iOS 14 feature seems like a much easier way to take a screenshot on an iPhone.

In this article, I’ll show you how to take a screenshot on your iPhone by tapping the back— either twice or thrice. But before we dive into steps, let’s see how the Back Tap feature works.

How Does The Back Tap feature Work?

The Back Tap feature is powered by the accelerometer on iPhone 8 models or newer. An accelerometer is a device that is made up of axis-based motion sensing. It can help to measure the vibration or acceleration of motion of a structure.

For iPhones, you can assign unique functions/actions to your device’s accelerator in the Settings menu.

Take Screenshot by Tapping the Back of Your iPhone

To take screenshots by tapping the back of your iPhone, please follow these steps:

please note: This feature only work on iPhone 8 models or newer.

  1. start by ensuring that your iPhone is running iOS 14 operating system.
  2. Next, open the settings up on your iPhone.
  3. scroll down and tap “Accessibility.”
  4. Tap on “Touch” under the “Physical and Motion” section.
  5. Now, choose “Back Tap”
  6. Next, select either “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” depending on the gesture you want to set up for screenshot.
  7. Finally, select “Screenshot.”

You can now take a screenshot by tapping the back of your iPhone.

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