iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes: How To Unlock

Have you ever picked up your iPhone to be greeted with a notification “iPhone is disabled” and to “try again in 1 minute” or to try again 5, 15, 60 minutes?
The worst of all, the error says
“iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes”,
and you cannot use it until then.
So, why is the iPhone saying “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes?” And
how do you fix the issue so that you can use the iPhone again?
The answers to these questions are usually easy, and in this step by step guide, we’ll explain
why your device says iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes, and most importantly,
show you how to unlock so that you can reenable your iPhone and start using it again. We’ll also walk you through how to unlock a disabled iphone without itunes.
iphone disabled one minute delay

Why is My iPhone Disabled?

If you enter the wrong passcode repeatedly, theiPhone
will automatically be disabled for sometimes and it will display iPhone is disabled error notification on the screen.
The obvious fix in this situation is to hold on for
a minute or two to pass and then enter the correct passcode to unlock the iPhone and get around the disabled message.
In the future, just enter the correct passcode in the first attempt and you’ll avoid this message and the lock out period.
If you enter incorrect passcode repeatedly,
the iPhone will be disabled and display an error message saying
“iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes”
You may want to know how many failed passcode attempts are required to disable the iPhone for a given period of time and to get the
Error message, that information is as follows:

  • 5 failed passcode attempts in a row – iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute
  • 7 failed passcode attempts in a row – iPhone is disabled, try again in 5 minutes
  • 8 failed passcode attempts in a row – iPhone is disabled, try again in 15 minutes
  • 9 failed passcode attempts in a row – iPhone is disabled, try again in 60 minutes
  • 10 failed passcode attempts in a row – iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes (or the iPhone erases itself of all data if self-destruct mode is enabled)

Keep in mind that the time delays mentioned above are automatically triggered on your iPhone, and cannot be adjusted or turned off.
Being locked out for 1 minute isn’t too bad, however, bing locked out for 60 minutes is annoying, as is connecting to iTunes to enable the iPhone again. If you want to unlock a disabled iPhone,there are a few simple steps which you need to follow.
Here is the step by step guide which will help you unlock a disabled iPhone with or without iTunes.
Let’s further understand the common causes of this problem to avoid it in the future, then we’ll dive into solving iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes error.

But I didn’t try to unlock my iPhone, so why does it say it is disabled?

Under some circumstances, you didn’t actually try to unlock an iPhone and you didn’t (intentionally) enter incorrect passcode, but the iPhone says it is disabled. Here are three most common reasons why this happens:

  • pocket: Inadvertently disabling an iPhone in a pocket is very common!
    This mostly happens to iPhone users who keep their iPhones
    in a pocket that they also use for their hands, often hip coat pockets, the hoodie pouch pocket, or front pants pockets.
    The iPhones screens slide to unlock feature can easily trigger itself, landing your device into passcode entry area while the iPhone is in a
  • Snoopers. Friends and colleagues don’t always understand they don’t have limitless number of guesses to unlock your iPhone .
  • Kids. Kids love iPhones and they love playing with phones. Tom gets sad when the phone stop working and mom isn’t happy that her iPhone is disabled.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes, how to unlock

Want to unlock an iPhone stuck on the disabled screen?
The most straight forward solution is to wait for the time to pass, then enter the correct passcode.
For anywhere up to 9 failed passcode attempts, all you need to do is grab a cup of coffee and wait for time to elapse.
(‘Try again in X minutes’ count down will be displayed on the screen therefore, you can see how long
You are required to wait.)
There is nothing much you can do during this period, however, you have an option to place emergency calls by tapping the immergency button located at the bottom of the screen.
Once the waiting period is over, your iPhone’s screen will display a normal background and you’ll have a chance to try entering the passcode again. At this point, try entering your passcode carefully when given a chance. If you input the passcode wrongly one more time, you’ll be subjected to another waiting period.
As soon as you get to an hour wait, you’re approaching your final chance. Get it wrong one more time and your iPhone will be disabled until you connect toiTunes.
If you’re approaching the 10-guess limit, be careful. Do you have the right passcode penned down somewhere, or is there anyone else who knows
It might be prudent to jot down every attempt you make from this moment on (and any that you’re certain you’ve tried before), but this is only to help nudge the memory
– however, iOS smartly counts various entries of the same wrong passcode as one wrong guess, so you should not mind about trying any guesses repeating
After 10 failed passcode attempts , you’ll have to restore your iPhone using iTunes.

How to fix “iPhone is Disabled. Connect to iTunes”

When your device says “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes,” the only solution is to connect It to a computer to unlock it again. Hopefully
you have a recent backup on your computer, and hopefully you remember your iPhone’s passcode, otherwise you’ll be required to wipe your device clean and
lose all your data. Yes really. This is why it is important to back up your iPhone frequently.

Steps to fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

If you know your iPhone’s passcode and Had recently synced your device to iTunes, you are in luck. You can restore it as new without loosing data. Follow these steps to fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes error:

  1. Connect the iPhone to a computer it usually syncs with via a lightening cable and open iTunes
  2. Choose the iPhone (from the sidepane or from top-right of the screen
  3. Moses Gitari | GeeksModo

  4. Click “Sync” in iTunes and enter the correct passcode when requested to unlock the device, this will backup the iPhone to the computer
  5. Hit “Restore” to restore the iPhone from the most recent backup

If you can’t remember the iPhone passcode, the only option is to erase the iPhone completely and it will wipe all data using recovery mode. The instructions onresetting a forgotten iPhone passcode are here.

Use Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode erases the iPhone completely. However, it can prove helpful if the above fix didn’t work.
Note, iTunes won’t allow you to restore your device if Find my iPhone is enabled on your device, even if you have synced your iPhone with a computer. In such a situation, the
only solution is to restore your iPhone from recovery mode. Here’s how to put your iPhone
into Recovery Mode:

  1. Connect the USB to lightening cable to your computer but don’t plug it to the iPhone yet.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer.
  3. If you are usingiPhone X or newer, quickly press the Volume Up button, then quickly press the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Side button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  4. Next, connect your iPhone to the computer. A ppop up will appear on iTunes window stating “An iPhone has been detected in recovery mode. Now,
    proceed with the
    restore process.
  5. If you are usingiPhone 6S or older, press and hold down the Home button and Sleep/Wake button for approximately 10 seconds until the iPhone shuts down.
  6. Release the Sleep/Wake button but keep holding the home button.
  7. Now, connect the lightening jack to your iPhone, (Don’t release the Home button yet).
  8. A pop up will appear on iTunes window stating “An iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.” Now, go ahead with the recovery process.
  9. If you are using iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold ON/OFF button and volume down
    button simultaneously). Keep holding both the buttons until Connect to iTunes screen appears. After connecting your iPhone to iTune, a ppop up will appear on iTunes window stating “An iPhone has been detected in recovery mode. Now go ahead with the
    restore process

iPhone disabled fix without iTunes

Some iPhone users find that connecting the disabled iPhone to iTunes doesn’t fix the problem.
Thankfully, Its also possible to fix disabled iPhone without itunes.
Here is how to unlock a disabled iphone without iTunes.
If you’ve tried both restoring your iPhone through iTunes as well as Recovery Mode with no luck, you can try wiping it it using iCloud by following the steps below.

Restore your iPhone with iCloud

you can erase the disabled iPhone and start again by using iCloud. iPhone disabled fix without iTunes is only possible if you have enabled Find My iPhone,
and if the disabled iPhone is connected to internet.
iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock without computer.

  1. On your Mac (or another iPhone or iPad), navigate toicloud.com
  2. Click on Find my iPhone.
  3. Enter your Apple ID password. After a few seconds, a window will display a map showing the location of your devices.
  4. Click All Devices at the top, then choose the iPhone you want to wipe.
  5. Click Erase iPhone.

If you had backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, you can restore it afterwards from that backup.
If you don’t remember your iPhone passcode and had not backed up your device, the data on the iPhone will be erased and lost forever . There is no way to bypass that,
not even Apple can unlock an iPhone and access the data in such scenario. Thus, the most important thing to keep in mind
is never to forget your device passcode, and always
backup your iPhone regularly.
The Story Doesn’t End Here…
Sometimes the recovery mode doesn’t solve iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes problem because there could be an issue with iTunes that is blocking the recovery.
In such a situation, you can useDr. Fone Repair
to fix your disabled iPhone without iTunes. It is much easier and more reliable than iTunes.
dr.fone is trusted by millions of users around the globe and has also received multitudinous praise from reputable media outlets including PC World, Forbes, CNET,
and many more.
Read on to learn how to fix disabled iPhone using dr.fone – Repair.

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes Using dr.fone – Repair

  1. Download and open dr.fone on your computer.
  2. Click on the “Repair” option on the main menu screen.
  3. Now, plug your iPhone to the computer with a lightening cable then click “Start.”
  4. Check your device details then click “Next.”
  5. Put your iPhone intoDFU mode. In the case of iPhone 7, 8, or X, turn off the iPhone first and then hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together
    for 10 seconds. Then let go off the Power button and keep holding the Volume Down button. Your iPhone will enter DFU mode. If you are running iPhone 6s or earlier, press
    the Home Button, and not the Volume Down.
  6. Dr.fone will detect the appropriate firmware. Click “download.”
  7. Now, click on “Fix Now” to restore the iPhone.
  8. Your iPhone will restart and return to normal!

This process should help you fix your disabled iPhone . If in any case you have lost your data, you can restore it using an awesome tool calleddr.fone – Recover With this tool, you can choose the files you would like to restore from your iCloud or iTunes backups, or directly from your iPhone. You can also
preview all your lost data in a gallery, choose the ones you would like to restore, and then restore them either to your iPhone or the computer.

How do I avoid iPhone being disabled from incorrect passcode entry in the future?

To avoid getting in such a situation in the future you have limited options.

  • Be more careful about inputting your passcode, which will prevent
    the iPhone from locking up and disabling itself. Sounds good right?
  • Secondly, set up complex passcodes, because they
    require a long string of character to be entered before the password is declined.
  • Thirdly, always keep your iPhone in a pocket that you don’t use so much, or out of reach of person who
    is intentionally or accidentally entering passcodes.
  • Lastly, as we’ve already pointed out, always backup your iPhone regularly
    just in case you are required to restore it to regain access.

Know of any other useful fix about a disabled iPhone, or how to bypass the disabled iPhone? Sound off in the comments below. We also have plenty of other articles that I suggest you check right now.

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