LOOK Digital Signage Player: Review

What is Digital Signage?

You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places.
Well, that’s called Digital Signage.

Digital signage (also referred to as “Digital Signboard”) is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages (from Wikipedia). For Instance, businesses can use Mac minis for digital signage. By turning screen into a digital sign, businesses can pre-schedule and setup content to show on digital screen including company updates and announcements, emergency alerts, presentations, event listings, office directories and more.

A digital signage player gives computing power to your digital sign. Without it, your screen or monitor would not be able to display content. Also, most digital signage media players connect to the internet. This feature enables you to hook up your display screens to a web-based digital signage content management system (CMS). Digital signage CMS platforms allow users to store, schedule, and update their digital signage content.

What is a digital signage software?

Digital signage software is a tool that enables users to manage their digital signage content and screens. With digital signage software, users can schedule content, create playlists, organize their screens into groups, and even diagnose playback issues that occur with remote screens.

What is LOOK Digital Signage Player? Why should you download it?

LOOK Digital Signage Player is an app that enables any Android based screen to play your broadcast. From your home, office or anywhere. You can set a broadcast of images, videos and other slides to the Android device. You simply need to launch the app and it will automatically transform your screen into a digital signage powered by Look Digital Signage Software.

With LOOK Digital Signage Player, users can manage various types of content, group their screens and remotely change its settings using simple web-based LOOK Content Manager and secure cloud-based server powered by Amazon. . In addition, Play LOOK Digital Signage enables users to create an unlimited number of groups and playlists, so managing a large deployment is just as easy as managing a single screen.

You can use LOOK Digital Signage Player app on Android SoC Displays such as Sony, Philips, Sharp, ViewSonic and other SoC TV screens that are using Android as their OS.

Top LOOK Digital Signage Player features

  • Easy to use Web-based interface
  • Offline Playback support
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiusers access
  • Support an array of content (Video, Photo, HTML etc)
  • Grouping of screen
  • Creating and scheduling playlists
  • Trial version is available
  • 24/7 Support

The bottom line

LOOK Digital Signage gives you the ability to build an amazing presentation on your Android device and push it down to unlimited number of remote screens and devices including Android Phones and Tablets; Build once and run everywhere.

LOOK Digital Signage is the world’s most popular Digital Signage solution for a reason; If you want to deploy your own digital signage network fast, simple, with minimal cost and maximum efficiency, LOOK Digital Signage Player is the best bet.

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