Top 8 Apps to Improve your Phone (for iOS and Android)

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The smartphone has become a central part of our lives. With the advent of apps, it is more feasible for people to make life easier since they are constantly on the go. This article highlights some of the best-featured apps available on iOS and Android designed to improve day-to-day tasks.

From entertainment to productivity, these apps can be used by anyone to tackle their day with ease. There are many popular iPhone apps that people can download from the app store IOS.

There are many questions that people often ask us like:

  • What is the most useful apps for Android?
  • How can I make my iPhone better?
  • Do Apple iPhones get viruses?

This article will answer all these questions. So, stay tuned!

Best iPhone Applications Ever:

People should download Apple applications that can make their day-to-day tasks easy to perform and improve their iPhone performance. Some of the best mobile software that are available on app store IOS are the following:


Many users are using their phones to handle most of their daily activities, from banking to social media. One way they can make life easier is by downloading the Slice.

It helps people find coupon codes for online retailers and other companies, as well as order deliveries of their favorite products. It also helps them track packages, so if they have ordered something online, they know when it’s arriving.


People often ask that will their iPhones get viruses. The answer is yes though the iPhone OS is super hard to hack; still, there is a possibility of getting viruses. In fact, most of the time, people themselves download files from unknown sources and infect their devices. To avoid such a situation, people need to download a VPN. It will not only provide cybersecurity for the phone, but it will also allow access to blocked websites and streaming services.

The VeePN VPN for iPhone users is a way to make life easier and better. It is incredibly easy to use with only one tap to secure your location and the IP address from hackers. It also helps people enjoy the internet without any restrictions.

The VeePN will let users access all of their favorite programs anywhere in the world, even if they are blocked at home by country-based content restrictions or blackouts. It is the best solution to get rid of viruses and make your iPhone better.


Waze is a navigation software for iPhone users. Waze lets people find the fastest way to get where they need to go. It takes information crowdsourced by drivers and uses it to show you what path will be fastest at any given time.

It provides turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic information, and incident reports that can save you time when driving through unfamiliar neighborhoods or when an accident blocks your usual route.


AroundMe is a new location-based program for Apple iPhone users that finds the best places to go in a certain area. AroundMe is meant to make life easier and better by providing users with a list of restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, and other places in their neighborhood. All of this information is presented in a list, which is sorted by distance from the user’s current location.

Best Android Applications Ever To Improve Performance:

Android smartphones are the most used smartphones worldwide. About more than 70% of people are android users and using millions of android software daily. Here is the list of best applications to improve android performance.

Avast Cleanup:

Do you dread having to clean your android device? Are updates taking forever to download, or are there dozens of software you don’t use anymore? Avast Cleanup is the perfect app for all Android users looking for a way to declutter their devices.

It can be installed in just minutes and will take care of your phone in no time. The app includes cleaning out ads, unused software, old documents, previous backups, cache data, and more.


Unlike iPhones, Android OS is not much secure as it is open-source. Getting a virus or hacker’s attacks on android smartphones is much easier compared to iPhones. That’s why VeePN is again an essential app for android users.

VeePN is a tool that can hide your IP address and actual location with just a single click. It has many features like a double VPN to protect people more than ever before.


Greenify for android users was developed to make life easier. It allows an Android user to force apps to hibernate when they are not in use. This prevents apps from running in the background, which can cause battery drain, slow phone performance, and decrease the amount of available storage space on the device.

AnTuTu Benchmark:

The AnTuTu Benchmark is an easy-to-use, free benchmarking app for android devices. It provides you with benchmark scores that measure your device’s performance in a number of areas, including battery life, data processing, 3D rendering, and RAM management.

This Android application has been available on the Play Store, and it allows users to compare their own results against those of other Android users around the world.


The smartphone market is always changing, constantly updating with new technology and new apps. People need to use only known and performance optimizer apps to keep their devices in good health. It is essential to have a VPN app like VeePN on your android and iPhone smartphones to keep your device, and yourself protected online.

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