Want to Improve Your Brain Functions? Try Out These iOS Apps

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Whether it’s at your workstation or you’re in your school compound, there’s always constant, tremendous pressure to perform. Pressure and stressful situations can adversely affect your wellbeing and thus need to be regulated. However, you don’t need to visit your therapist. Instead, you can quickly relieve yourself from this constant pressure right from your iPhone by engaging your mind with a great mobile app.
Games involving arranging candy by colors or crossing a road with unrealistic lanes are not only repetitive and mindless but are addictive as well.
Fortunately, you have vast options of iOS apps that will substantially improve your skills, help you relax, and get you thinking with more than just a lizard brain. Let’s explore.


Many people consider this intriguing and amusing app to be the original mind-raining resource. Lumosity over 85 million users come from different parts of the globe, and almost all of them agree that it’s designed to advance brain function.
You can access over 50 fun and colorful fun activities that enhance cognitive functions differently. As a result, you’ll become a faster person, improve your information retention, get more flexible, strengthen your concentration, and become a solution provider.
When signing up, you’ll do a fit test to calibrate your cognitive functions. You must also do a daily “brain workout” that touches all the above functions. Lumosity is excellent for both kids and grown-ups. Downloading is free, but you’ll pay additional costs for the premium subscription.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit is also another great up to enhance your cognitive abilities via a range of glossy, amusing, and tolerably addictive activities. Neuroscientists designed this game, and it allows you to track your progress and gain information regarding your general brain health.
After signing up, you will complete the first examination for the game to configure your custom difficulty to match your profile. It will also recommend the best activities based on how you perform on the quiz. According to the app’s developer, you only need to play the games for as low as 20 minutes twice or thrice every week to improve yourself.
You’ll get four games for free. But you can opt for a full annual or monthly subscription of $120 or $13, respectively.

Personal Zen

This fun app is designed to make players less anxious and trains their brains to acknowledge the positive aspects of life and ignore the destructive ones. Personal Zen is free to download.
The captivating gameplay lets you follow two characters; a friendly and calm one and their angry counterpart. Both of them are burrowing through swirling grass in an extensive field. It teaches you a positive thinking attitude, and you’ll learn to acknowledge the silver lining in the face of adversity. It also grows your resilience.


Voted as one of the most reliable mind drill games, Elevate offers more than 40 collaborative games designed to improve your recollection and concentration and other abilities like mathematics, appraisal, and processing.
On the first launch, you’ll first complete several quick evaluations to ascertain and record your current abilities, then award a score of between 0 to 5,000. The awarded score matches your skills and determines how other minigames will be customized to your capabilities.
Elevate’s free app offers a maximum of 21 games, and you’ll complete three daily. Elevate’s pro version reveals all the available brain training activities, offering up to five exercised each day and advanced statistics.


According to the minds behind Happify, this fun mind-training app is for anyone who feels that nothing else makes them happy anymore. Happify offers abundant gratitude journals, tests, and mind-triggering polls. All these are based on positive psychology, designed to regulate your emotions and stress levels and leave you feeling better.


This is yet another slick mind-boosting app available. Peak comprises a polished selection of games covering different aspects of the mind like language use, memory, and mental flexibility. It’s also said to boost the user’s attention.
You can choose from over 30 games, a comprehensive variety that can convert your daily session from being a tedious chore. You can download it for free, and this unpaid version offers lots of exciting activities. But when you pay £3.99 every month, you’ll play any game as often as you please.

Playing games is an excellent way to relieve yourself from the tedious day at school or in your workstation. Even when you have a lot to do, make sure you set aside some time to try out any of the above games.

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