4 Awesome Apple CarPlay Apps for 2022

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Apple CarPlay has been around for almost seven years now. It was introduced in 2014 in iOS 7.1 and has completely transformed the car infotainment experience. If you own an iPhone, you no longer have to deal with the sub-par software installed by your car manufacturer, simply replace it with the CarPlay interface operated by your iPhone.
But before you get behind the wheel, download these apps on CarPlay.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps works seamlessly with CarPlay. When you open it, you’ll see an overview of your location. Click on the Destinations link and the app will suggest places you can go to based on your location and what you’ve recently discussed in text messages and emails. The Search function allows you to quickly find eateries, gas stations, and more. Apple Maps gives you turn-by-turn directions that are easy to follow. You can also ask Siri to direct you to the nearest restaurant, gas station, and more. CarPlay also supports Google Maps and Waze.


Once you install CarPlay in your car, you’ll be able to make and receive calls without using your iPhone. You can open the phone app, browse your contacts, review recent calls, open the dialer, or check voicemail. But we don’t recommend scanning through a list of contacts while driving. So, it’s better to use Siri to say something like “Call John.”

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TuneIn Radio

This app has one of the best collections of content in the world. Download it to access over 120,000 stations. You can stream radio and listen to sports, news, music, and other audio formats. To enjoy more perks, get the premium subscription. For only $10 a month, you’ll get play-by-play access to different sports channels. You can root for your favorite NFL or MLB team while driving. You’ll also be able to listen to more than 130 ad-free music stations.


If you have a long commute, or simply like to listen to audiobooks every day, get the Audiobooks.com app. It allows you to download audiobooks directly to your iPhone. You don’t have to sync the phone with your computer, and you can stream audiobooks through data connection or over Wi-Fi.
The app has a huge library and you get your first 3 premium audiobooks for free. After you’re done reading those, you can choose a new audiobook every month for $15 per month. Audiobooks also lets you access more than 700,000 podcasts. You can easily discover new audiobooks by following narrators, authors, and book series. The app also sends you notifications about new releases.

Apple CarPlay supports navigation apps and many other apps on your iPhone. You can listen to your favorite songs through iTunes or Apple Music. Your Apple device can also help you when you need to determine how much is your car worth. You simply need to open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

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