Fake MacBook Pro: how to tell fake Vs real? Know Here

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Be warned that there are many fake MacBook Pro for sale and while clones or fakes are becoming increasingly more popular you can still tell the difference. The last thing you want is to buy MacBook Pro clone. So if you are worried that you may buy a fake MacBook Pro or a Clone MacBook Pro then this comprehensive guide is for you. Here is the step-by-step guide which will help you to spot a fake MacBook Pro and distinguish it from the original.

Note: the tips explain in this article can be used to spot a fake MacBook Air as well.

How to identify a fake MacBook Pro

Here’s how you can find out if your MacBook Pro is fake or not:

1. How to Tell If MacBook Pro is Fake: Check the Serial Number

The Serial Number is the fingerprint of a product. It is a combination of numbers and letters assigned only to a specific unit produced.

You can use your Serial Number to check if your MacBook Pro is fake or original. Apple has an online to check a product’s warranty status. Just enter the MacBook’ serial number and, if you find it there, it’s the real deal. If you don’t, you’ve spotted fake MacBook Pro.

So, to spot fake MacBook Pro using this trick, follow these steps:

First, find the Serial Number of your MacBook Pro. Here’s how:

  • In About This Mac: From the Apple Menu in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. You should see an overview of your Mac including the Serial Number.
  • In system information: The System Information App also shows your Mac serial Number. Open the app, then select Hardware on the left side of the system information window. The Serial Number appears on the right.
  • On the packaging of your MacBook Pro: You can also check the Serial Number on your packaging of the MacBook Pro. It is printed on the outside of your MacBook Pro package.

Now, the most foolproof way to tell if MacBook Pro is fake is to go directly to the source: Apple.

  • In your web browser, go to Apple’s coverage checking tool.
  • Enter the serial number, the CAPTCHA, and click Continue.
  • If the tool returns information for that serial number (especially a valid purchased date), the MacBook Pro is real.

2. How to Spot Fake MacBook Pro: Build Quality

Apple is famous for the very high quality of its devices. You shouldn’t see any seams in the plastic, the ports and connectors are tight and sturdy, and the color of Apple products (like MacBook Pro) is clean and bright. If your MacBook Pro seem a little low quality, the pieces are loose, or the color isn’t perfect, you might have knock-off MacBook Pro.

3. How to Spot Fake MacBook Pro: Pricing

Prices of Apple products are a bit high compared to products of other companies. Counterfeit sellers take this as an advantage to sell fake Apple products at a reduced price to attract more buyers. At the end the buyer will end up with a fake Apple product.

MacBook Pro comes in three different designs, that is 13 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch with each having a different price. The starting retail price for MacBook Pro 13 inch is $1299, while MacBook Pro 14 inch is $1999, and MacBook Pro 16 inch is $ 2499.

As you can see, Apple products aren’t cheap. If you paid much less than that—say, $500 for MacBook Pro—they might not be real.

4. How to Spot Fake MacBook Pro: Packaging

When it comes to packaging, Apple takes the lead. Their packaging is of high quality which makes it hard for counterfeit manufacturers to fake it. Although some fake MacBook Pros are being produced and packed the same as Apple packs, it’s hard for them to fake it all.

The packaging of a MacBook Pro comes in a box which is white in colour and at the top of the box, a MacBook Pro is smartly drawn there. When you open the box, you will find the only plastic used in the outer layer to protect any dust from entering inside the box. The rest of the materials are of high quality and unique cardboard that protect the MacBook pro. Inside the box you will find a power adapter, a cable, Apple stickers and some paperwork for guide and warranty.

Just like the build quality of Apple products is high, so is the packaging quality. The boxes’ fit is tight, the quality of the printing high, the placement of stickers perfect. Apple’s quality control for its products is exacting, so if your MacBook Pro doesn’t meet that mark, it could be fake.

5. Check the Operating system

Original MacBook Pro comes with macOS installed. This is not something you’ll find on fake MacBook Pro. Usually, the installed operating system is free or open access such as Windows or Linux rather than macOS. This is a complete dead giveaway of a fake MacBook Pro.

6. How to Tell If MacBook Pro is Fake: Try to Use Siri

Another reliable way to tell if MacBook Pro is fake is by doing something only authentic MacBook can do.

Siri is your intelligent personal assistant, helping you to multitask and get things done on your MacBook Pro. For example you can be working on a document on your MacBook Pro and you need to send a message to your friend. You don’t have to close the document and open the messages to write your friend a message. You can command Siri to send the message to your friend without you having to stop what you are doing by closing the document.

Siri is one thing that counterfeit manufacturers have never been able to fake. If you try to use Siri but don’t see the feature on your device, we’re sorry to tell you, but your MacBook Pro is a crone one.

7. How to Tell If MacBook Pro is Fake: Check it’s ability to connect with other Apple Devices

The Apple Ecosystem is the best Ecosystem that there has ever been. Apple products connect smoothly with each other. MacBook Pro, also being one of Apple products should connect well with other Apple Devices.

If you have logged in your MacBook Pro with the same Apple ID as your other Apple Devices they should connect seamlessly. For example you can be typing on your MacBook Pro and the battery dies. You don’t have to wait for your MacBook Pro to get charged for you to continue with your work. You can take either your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to continue what you were trying with your MacBook. That is called continuity in Apple. It’s no doubt copycats will never  forge this magical feature. If your MacBook Pro doesn’t connect with other Apple Devices, it might be a fake.

8. Take your MacBook Pro to Apple reseller store to check if it’s fake

Apple reseller stores are available in many countries all over the world. You can check the nearest Apple store on Apple’s website. If you have purchased or you are in possession of a MacBook Pro and you need it to be validated to know if it’s genuine, you can take it to any Apple reseller store. They have qualified engineers and technicians who can check your MacBook if it’s genuine or fake.

Even if your MacBook Pro is found to be fake, you can not get a refund of your money or your fake MacBook Pro can’t be exchanged with an original one because Apple is not responsible for any purchase of any clone Apple products.

To avoid such mistakes, it is advised when you are purchasing any Apple product, just buy it from a recognized Apple Reseller store. If you are doing purchases online make sure you are buying from a genuine Apple store App.


Authenticating MacBook Pro is as tricky as ever. With the things we discussed above, though, you should be properly armed to take on the challenge. Now, you won’t be easily fooled by those who want to take advantage of you. The only thing left for you to do is to go get that MacBook Pro! Before you go, check out our article on how to spot a fake Apple Watch.

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