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While most people can’t imagine not using a smartphone for their dating purposes, many apps are migrating their technology to work on the Apple Watch. These apps allow people to get basic functions so they may quickly find partners for amazing dates in unique circumstances.

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Clover for Dates Right Now

Clover is an app with a very interesting concept to start with due to the fact that it is involved in the dating market for people that want dates right now. This app eschews building a relationship in the way that most people consider when using dating apps and sites. Instead, you mark yourself as available and willing, and the app shows you people that are nearby and looking for the same outcomes as you. The majority of the cool tech that goes into the product is the Apple Watch to Apple Watch location, but the ability to get a date right away is something men and women will enjoy.

OkCupid- Explore Dates on the Go

The OkCupid app has made an app that is compatible with Apple Watch for people to use when they’re seeking partners. This app is unique because it has many of the same functions as OkCupid but on a much smaller scale. Your chat functions and location functions are somewhat reduced, but it’s a great way to get notifications, send a message, or schedule a date when you don’t feel like pulling out your phone and going through the app. Apple Watch did well when matching compatibility with this major app.

Tinder for Location-Based Dating

Everyone knows and loves Tinder. The Apple Watch app for this service is something else. Tinder is all about finding people that are in your local area for dates. That geographical closeness is greatly valued and improved on the Apple Watch system, allowing people to gain access to the majority of the app’s functions. You can send and read messages, swipe without people seeing you active on the app, and set reminders for yourself. You can even get a notification when you have a message waiting for you in the application. It’s a mini version of the app that is incredibly responsive and lightweight.

Dating People in the Same Room with WatchMe88

WatchMe88 is an app that is unique in the sense that you mark yourself as looking for a date and people in the same room with you that share your interests will know that you’re available. This app pushes you to be social in your own settings instead of aimlessly pursuing romance. Best of all, it lets you set your dating preferences before you leave the house for the night just in case you run into someone that has the same dating desires and preferences in a partner like you. Suddenly, the time you spend in a coffee house or bar can get very interesting!

Jack’d Lets You Find Gay Romances Nearby

Jack’d is another great Apple Watch app that you may use when looking for other men. Unlike some of the others, this product was designed solely with the Apple Watch in mind. You will get a notification when someone has checked out your profile, if they liked it, and then if they are nearby. Basically, it’s a very easy way to leave your radar up and running when you’re out on the town and having a few drinks. You never know when someone is going to see your profile and want to have a quick chat or ask you out for real.

The Apple Watch has revolutionized the world of online dating apps. Instead of having to use computers or sit with your face in your phone all night at the bar, you can get basic notices and respond to messages from people that are close by. Using an app on the watch allows you to have a fast, personal interaction without disrupting the rest of your day. Many apps have been developed solely for the watch but there are others that have been faithful, successful adaptations of the smartphone apps, too. You get to choose how to use them.

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