8 Useful iOS Apps For Language Learning

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The first thing that an iOS phone user might think when asked about translating something would be Siri that can do all sorts of things and entertain you with basically anything. However, if you have to travel and translate things into several languages, it is better to consider some stand-alone apps that will help you cope with the basics. Regardless if you would like to learn some phrases to feel more comfortable at the restaurant or talk to the bank clerk as you open the foreign account, these iOS apps will fit any taste, budget, and requirements!

Top 8 Language Learning Apps For iOS Users

1. DuoLingo.

It is one of the most popular language-learning apps that supports over 23 languages from Spanish and French to Irish and Swahili. You can choose anything that you like and enjoy learning in a fun and entertaining way. Regardless if you are only starting or already know the bits here and there, this app will make you satisfied.

2. HelloTalk.

What makes it unique is the great community of people from all over the world that will help you polish your verbal language skills. It supports over 150 languages and lets you talk to native speakers by teaching them back. It is user-friendly and always helpful as you can ask people to translate things you do not know. Do so because you need a certified translator for such kind of work!

3. iTranslate.

It is the best for those who like to travel because it lets you listen to translations and type your text. It supports over 100 different languages and dialects. The voice-to-voice approach is a great way to learn when you need to storm your brain with pronunciation rules. You will also learn the basic dictionary and will understand the meaning of certain expressions.

4. Rosetta Stone.

It supports up to 24 languages and helps you with it all by implementing speech recognition, reading, writing, and speaking tools. It also has an amazing accent coaching feature. It offers both online and offline learning modes with relevant courses.

5. Free Microsoft Translator.

It is one of the most accurate translation tools that you will enjoy for those business purposes when you have to start a multi-language conversation. If you need to sign an agreement, always approach a verified translation company because such documents hold legal power. For all other purposes like pointing your phone at the restaurant menus, you can use Microsoft Translator!

6. Google Translate.

It is good when you do not have an online connection because it supports 59 different languages. It lets you point your device camera to various objects, identify handwriting, or just handle your text. The phrase suggestion tool is second to none.

7. Babbel.

It lets you improve your basic reading and writing skills by supporting 14 languages. It has one of the best pronunciation training and speech recognition engines.

8. Speak and Translate.

It is quite versatile and accurate! You can safely communicate in various languages as you talk into your phone and earn. It is also free and supports up to 100 languages as you compose a written conversation.

The Cultural Aspect

No matter what language learning app you would like to add to your collection of helpful tools, the most important is to do your best to learn more about the culture. Talk to the locals, consider reading about the customs and traditions in your native language first, and always keep your mind open. You will always learn so much more!

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