How to Delete Your Zoom Account Permanently


Zoom security problems have recently thrown some cold water on one of the hottest apps in the world. As such, you may want to delete Zoom account permanently. Actually, tons of people around the world still rely on Zoom, but now, nobody seems
sure about how much faith they should put into the service.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to look at some of the more notable Zoom security problems out there. If these problems scare you off the virtual meeting
app, then we’ve also explained how to delete your Zoom account and use other popular Zoom alternatives instead.

Zoom Security Problems

You’ve probably heard of some recent Zoom security problems that severely impacted user trust in the service. The following are some of the main Zoom security problems
that have been discovered so far.

Recorded Video Vulnerabilities

Hackers discovered a couple of Zoom security problems with the service’s recorded video options.

The first, and most important, is that it was previously possible to hack the Zoom cloud and download recorded videos. While this is not a simple process,
a relatively experienced hacker could do it without too many problems. In addition, it appears that recorded Zoom meetings can linger in the cloud
even after being deleted by the user.

Zoom has addressed this issue to some extent by enabling increased password protection by default. However, older recordings can still be vulnerable. In addition,
general concerns remain about the security of the Zoom cloud.


It is possible for your Zoom call to be hijacked through a process called Zoombombing. That basically means that someone can make their way to your
Zoom conversation or account.

There is some debate as to how widespread this issue is, but it’s been suggested that this Zoom security issue hasn’t yet been properly addressed.
Therefore, it remains a major concern about Zoom security.

User Data Sharing

Zoom has been called out over their previously generous data sharing policies. Basically,Zoom had a somewhat relaxed policy because it involves sharing user
data via Facebook and other social media channels.

While Zoom has stated that they are working to address this issue and better protect user information, some are still concerned about the company’s policies
and history with this issue.

Other Zoom security vulnerabilities exist, but these are the ones that are most of the focus and concerns at the moment. In short, many belief
that Zoom is inherently vulnerable platform with a unstable history of protecting user information.

Is Zoom Still Safe to Use?

This question is somehow tricky

First, it’s a matter of public record that Zoom has recently suffered from significant security vulnerabilities. Everyone is aware that there are inherent problems with
the service, and that’s always something to be concerned about.

Though, Zoom has taken steps to ensure that its existing problems are resolved. That’s cool, and some argue that Zoom’s response to these issues
is indicative of their intention to keep abreast of such issues in the future. They’ve said that Zoom could ultimately become the safest of such platforms
because they have had a lot of early issues.

Whether you believe that it is really a matter of trust in the company, but the logic is solid. At the very least, Zoom doesn’t appear to be noticeably
less secure than some of the major alternatives in the market.

How to Delete Zoom Account on iPhone

If you just want to delete your Zoom account, the process is easy and straightforward. Here’s how to delete Zoom account on iPhone:

  1. Log in to the web portal of your Zoom account
  2. Go to Account Management > Account Profile
  3. Click on “Terminate My Account”
  4. When asked to confirm the deletion of your account, select “Yes”

After completing the last step, you can safely delete the Zoom app from your device. This can be done using the usual methods of deleting an app. If
You don’t know that process, just hold down the Zoom icon on your device until you see the “Delete App” option.

Keep in mind, you cannot delete Zoom account from app. If you delete the app from your device, your account will not be deleted. If you don’t delete your account first, your data will
remain active with Zoom. So, to delete zoom account on iPhone, you will want to log in to the web portal of your Zoom account.

How to Deactivate a Zoom User

Deleting your own account is pretty easy, but you may also want to remove someone else’s Zoom access.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to remove someone from your Zoom account. For example, you may have accounts for your employees and a member
is no longer part of the company. Either way, the steps to remove someone remains the same. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Zoom account web portal
  2. Select the User Management option and then navigate to Users
  3. Find the user you want to remove
  4. Click the ellipses icon next to their name and choose the Deactivate option.

Keep in mind, you can easily reactivate a user account by following the same steps as mentioned above, but select Activate rather than Deactivate.

How to Secure Your Zoom Account

There are a few easy steps you can follow to better protect your Zoom account. While none of them guarantees 100% security, they can all help in due course. Simply follow these steps:

  • Avoid sharing your meeting ID unless you have to. Even then, only share it via the safest channels.
  • Always generate a random meeting ID instead of manually setting one.
  • Turn on the waiting room feature to make sure you know who you are inviting to a meeting.
  • Use Zoom settings to make sure that you’re the only one who can screen share during a meeting. Note, there may be times when this option is not available.
  • From the Manage Participants menu, you can lock your meeting. This is a great Zoom security option if you’re certain nobody else needs
    to join.
  • Do not record your meetings unless it’s obligatory. This is an easy way to protect yourself against notable security issues.
  • Remove, report, and block any problematic participant. This is an great way to keep abreast of problems as they appear.

Zoom Alternatives

Here are some of the best Zoom alternatives


GoToMeeting is a professional, established, and generally secure virtual meeting available today. While it lacks some of Zoom’s cool features, it certainly isn’t
lacking when it comes to professional meeting options.


FaceTime is not the best “full feature” virtual meeting app available today. What it is, however, is an accessible, easy-to-use, and generally reliable way to
have a virtual conversation. If you don’t need much more, it may offer pretty much everything that you need.

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As we’ve already mentioned, chances are you already use Slack in your office. If that’s the case, it also means you have access to its
virtual meeting options. While these options are not as extensive as those of Zoom and other services, Slack is still one of the easiest ways to
start a meeting with your colleagues.

Cisco WebEx

It would be a lie if we told you that Cisco is as “fantastic’ as Zoom. However, As far as security and professionalism is concerned, this is one of the most reliable options
available today. There’s certainly not much to complain about as far as hosting virtual meetings with this app is concern.
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