Top 10 iPhone Keyboard Tips and Tricks You Should Know

iPhone Keyboard offers all the basic features like Memoji Stickers, auto correction, auto capitalization, text prediction, and much more. However, there are still some hidden features like text replacement etc. that are buried under thesettings and can take your typing experience to the next level.
if you’re not aware about all the iPhone keyboard features, don’t worry. In this article, you will find top 10 iPhone Keyboard tips and tricks you can use to make your life easier. These iPhone keyboard tricks will help you to use your iPhone in a most efficient way possible in 2020.

Let’s get started.

Best iPhone keyboard tricks and tips

Here is a list of useful iPhone keyboard tricks you should know:

1. Use 3D Touch to turn the keyboard into a trackpad

Moving the cursor around, on the iPhone keyboard can be a bit tricky and that’s where this awesome trick comes in handy. 3D Touch, introduced with the iPhone 6s brings some great features and you can easily turn the iPhone keyboard into a trackpad, so that you can control the cursor with ease. Simply perform 3D Touch anywhere on the keyboard and it will turn into a trackpad. You can then move around your finger to move the cursor around. You can also lighten your touch and press firmly to select text.

In addition, you can use 3D Touch on the delete key to delete text faster. These 3D Touch tricks on the iOS keyboard obviously only work with iPhones that support 3D Touch.

2. Shake to Undo

If you want to quickly undo a text you typed or pasted, you will love this iPhone keyboard trick. You can shake your iPhone to undo a typed text and more. Sounds good,right? The “Shake to Undo” feature works to undo a typed, copied, cut or pasted text. To enable this feature, simply head over to Settings > General->Accessibility->Shake to Undo.

3. Create Text Replacement Shortcuts

Apple makes it easy to create text replacement shortcuts for the keyboard. For example, you can create a shortcut for “sounds good” as “sg”, so whenever you type “sg”, it will be automatically replaced with “sounds good”. Cool, right?

To add these shortcuts, simply head over two Settings->General->Keyboard. Here, tap on “Text Replacements” and tap on the plus icon on the top-right hand corner of the screen. Then, type in the phrase and the shortcut of your choice. You can add as many shortcuts as you like and you can also edit any existing shortcuts.

4. Add Numbers or Symbols Quickly

When you are typing a long text, switching between the numbers & symbols page in the keyboard to write a single number or symbol can slow things down. Thankfully, you can swiftly add a number of letter on the iOS keyboard without slowing down. To do this, simply swipe from the “123” button to the letter, which corresponds to the number of symbol in the punctuation page you want to type. It’s simple yet useful iPhone keyboard trick.

5. Capitalize Individual Letters

One more thing that slows down our typing speed while typing a long piece of texts is capitalizing individual letters. There is a high possibility that you press the Caps Lock button to type in capitals but iOS offers a better and faster way. You can simply swipe to the letter you want to capitalize from the Caps Lock button. Easy, right?

6. Dictation

Well, not a trick per say but not everyone knows about the dictation feature in the iPhone keyboard. You can simply press the mic button in the iPhone keyboard to start dictating a text and it works pretty well, thanks to Siri’s speech recognition. Dictating a text can come in handy when you are driving or in situations where you can’t use your hands. Also, The feature works perfectly, as you can also add punctuation, line & paragraph breaks, type in all Caps Lock and more.

7. Get more keys in the landscape mode

Most people might not be aware of this iPhone keyboard trick. Well, when you use the iPhone keyboard in the landscape mode, you get additional keys and you can always type better with more keys at your disposal. If you are using a Plus iPhone model, you will get extra keys to edit text, format, arrow keys, symbols and more. On the non plus version of iPhone’s, you should get the arrow keys, the comma and period key, a key to minimize keyboard and an extra backspace key.

It’s worth noting that the extra keys in the landscape mode are only available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus.

8. Change Keyboards or Enable/Disable Predictive Text

There are people who use multiple keyboards at a time. For example, I like to use both “Hinglish” as well as the “English” keyboard for different purposes. As such, I need to quickly jump between these keyboards. The good news is that there is an easy way to do that in the iPhone keyboard.

To start off, you need to add multiple keyboards in Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards page. After doing so, you can simply open up the keyboard and press hold on the emoji or the globe icon and choose your preferred language. In addition, you can enable or disable predictive text from the same menu, which is also very useful.

9. Type in the Domain Address Faster

It’s pretty easy to make a mistake while typing in the address of a website when we are in a hurry to open it. If you make such mistakes while entering the domain address, the iPhone keyboard has a solution for that. You can simply press hold the “.” button while typing in a webpage in the browser to quickly enter the domain address. This is a nifty way to speed things up for you while making sure you don’t make any typos.

10. Easily copy and paste text

“If you’re typing something and you accidentally delete it, you can use three fingers to swipe to the left, and it will undo!”
in the same token, if you’d like to copy text, you can use three fingers again, but what you need to do is pinch the screen.

Then, to paste, use three fingers again, and pinch outwards!

This is a delightful and simple, yet useful iPhone keyboard trick.

This keyboard trick makes it much easier to copy and paste text.

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So if you have been looking for iPhone keyboard tricks, there you have it.
Now that you know the best iPhone Keyboard tips and tricks, it’s time to make the best of them. After following these tips and using the keyboard exhaustively, you will figure out the features you need in a keyboard. We hope you’ll use these iOS Keyboard Tricks to improve your typing skills

Well, those were some useful iPhone keyboard tricks you can use. Sure, not all of them are tricks in real sense, but we are sure not everyone knows all of them. So, try them out on your iPhone and do let us know your favorite keyboard trick on iOS. Also, if you know of any other cool tricks on iOS keyboard, sound off in the comments section below.