Cash Reader: The Best Money Reader For The Blind

Several of my blind and visually impaired secondary students have been exploring money reader apps for the blind and visually impaired this semester. One of their favorite apps they have really been into with its accessibility features is the app
Cash Reader
a money reader app for the blind and visually impaired.
Money reader for the blind
It’s not often that I find an honor of blogging about an application which is not only feature-rich and revolutionary in its feature set, but takes accessibility to an entirely new level.
As a result of numerous positive feedback from my students, I’m privileged to blog about Cash Reader, the number one money reader for the blind and visually impaired!
Cash Reader is a blazingly fast money reader app which does its job very efficiently. When it come to money identifier Apps for the blind, nothing can beat Cash Reader.

Designed With Blind And Visually Impaired In Mind

You’re dealing with a seriously accessible app here!
Cash Reader is a money reader oriented application, but along with the likes of the fantastic — though irrelevantVoice Dream Reader
it’s the archetypal example of what developers can do to implement accessibility. In short, you are dealing with a seriously accessible app here. The developers of Cash Reader have taken accessibility seriously and their efforts should be appreciated.
This money reader is 100% accessible with
Google TalkBack?,
Apple voiceover
with the appeal that It also supports any text size for partially sighted users.

My students like The fact that Cash Reader has a much simpler interface than any other money reader out there, which makes it easier for them to navigate with
Google TalkBack
Apple voiceover

Useful Cash Reader settings

The Settings window of Cash Reader can be accessed from the bottom part of its home screen.
Money reader appCompared with other money reader apps for the blind, Cash Reader is the only money reader that provides the most comprehensive settings, categorized into properly labeled groups. But if I’m asked to name some of my favorite settings; I should point to the following:

#1. Use Cash Reader With Siri Shortcuts

One can take advantage of the Siri Shortcuts to recognize currency. You can record a personal phrase and swiftly identify all your favorite currencies just by saying it without having to search for the cash reader icon every time you want to identify currency.
Currency identifier

#2. Read Money With Cash Reader through Vibrations

To pay credit where credit is due, I must say that Cash Reader, is the only money reader for the Blind I’ve come across that can identify currency while your device is on silent mode.

The denominations value are transformed into a series of haptic or taptic vibrations. This feature helps blind and visually impaired to swiftly identify and count money even in noisy environments or when privacy is needed. . This is a great achievement worthy of a thousand accolades!
Money identifier

#3. Reliable Currency Identification

Cash Reader is a quick, reliable and fully accessible money identifier app.

To prove its efficiency, you can play with it showing all kinds of banknotes: folded, new, old, extremely used and under any lighting condition.

#4. Your app doesn’t require internet connection to succeed

Compared to other money reader for the blind, Cash Reader ap doesn’t require an Internet connection to identify currency and doesn’t identify counterfeit bills.

After downloading the currency database, you don’t require an internet connection to recognize currency, so you can now use the app at any time and anywhere.

To identify currency with Cash Reader, you just open the app and place the banknote in front of the
and a speaker announces, “one dollar.” the same time, large contrasting characters appears on the screen for easy identification.

Another nice feature of this currency reader for the blind absent in other money reader, is its ability to make audible bippings to let you know its on, vibration of currency value, and an option to switch between black or white mode.

There’s a lot to like about this money reader app.

Its flexible and affordable subscription plans, as well as full time payment, is a boon to many of us and the fact that it identifies banknote denomination for the largest number of currencies along with its ability to speak multiple languages adds to its strengths.

How Much does this Money reader cost?

At the risk of repeating myself, I should talk about Cash Reader price a bit.

Cash Reader is free to download however, users have various options to choose from. There are subscriptions options available for one month or one year.
There is also a lifetime license which is also affordable. This means, you can easily adjust your Cash reader plans to fit your needs.

The full version costs $17.99 and once you pay for it upfront, everything will be unlocked and at your fingertips.

In addition, Cash Reader provides a 14 day free trial upon first downloading the app. After the trial ends, you will either be limited to only recognizing the lowest 2 bills for the set currency or purchase the full version for $17.99.

Alternatively, you can enroll into either monthly or yearly subscription which is also affordable and reasonable.

Note: The prices mentioned here may vary depending on your country or region.

If you’ve read this article up to this point, you’ve seen how great benefit this one-time payment might be.

Final thoughts

When it comes to accessibility, less is more.  If a developer has created money identifier app that has asimple interface that reliably works with

Apple VoiceOver as well as Android TalkBack and Helps my students to quickly identify money or sort different currency banknotes, you have a solid, inclusive assistive light app for the teens and adults with visual impairments!

Hope you like Cash Reader as much as my students do!

In case you are wondering, how blind people identify paper money,currency identification for blind and visually impaired is now possible through this currency identifier.
If you are blind or visually impaired, Download Cash Reader app for Android or iOS and identify currency fast with this fully accessible money reader for the blind.

Cash Reader is available on App Store and Google Play:
Download Cash Reader on App Store
Get it on Google play
If you are looking for currency identifier, there you go!
If you know any other banknote reader application for the blind out there, let us know in the comments section below.