Home office tips: Scan documents with your iPhone or iPad

The corona virus brings everyday life out of the ordinary way and therefore requires a simple solution for the home office. Fortunately, Apple has already integrated a variety of options into iOS, iPadOS and macOS to master tasks – for example, scanning documents with the iPhone and iPad. We would like to show you some variants, because Apple allows scanning in many ways.

Scan documents with iPhone in the Notes app

A few years ago, Apple first started scanning documents in the Notes app, and that’s why we’re starting here. As usual, this works simply and allows sending via email, WhatsApp and storing in the cloud storage. To do this, open the Notes app and create a new note. Then tap on the camera icon and select “Scan documents”. Now hold the iOS device over the document so that it is completely captured by the camera. This happens automatically. With a tap on the shutter button you can also take a manual picture and only have to help with edge detection. Then you can scan the next page in the same way. As soon as you are finished, tap on “Save”. Then you select the scanned document and can share it with other applications.

Files app: Simply scan documents

A clearer method is to scan in the files app. In this way, the document is automatically synchronized in iCloud or other cloud storage, cross-platform and easy to use. In the files app, you first select a storage location – preferably a cloud storage. Once there, hold your finger between the folders and files and tap the additional icon on the right in the context menu. Then select “Scan documents” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Scan and send documents directly in mail

If you don’t want to save a document first, but want to send it by email, you can do that too. To do this, open Apple’s mail app and create a new email or reply. After tapping the text field, a quick entry field appears above the keyboard. SinceiPadOS 13.4 on the iPad there is a document symbol with a border on the right. In older versions, on the other hand, you tap on the normal document symbol and select “Scan document”. On the iPhone, however, the symbols are hidden on the right behind the continuing arrow above the keyboard. Then follow the on-screen instructions and send the e-mail with the attached document.
and that’s pretty much it on how to Scan documents with your iPhone or iPad.
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