My Apple ID Has Been Disabled! Here’s The Real Fix.

Did you get an error saying your Apple ID is disabled? If so, then this article is for you! Apple is very serious about the security of your Apple ID account,
which often causes users to disable their account by mistake.

Thankfully, Apple has made it really easy to unlock a disabled Apple ID. You may be required to answer a few security questions, generate a two-factor authentication code,
or contact Apple Support directly. If your Apple ID has been disabled, there are a few simple steps which you need to follow to unlock it.
Unlock disabled Apple ID

What Does It Mean When My Apple ID Is Disabled?

When your Apple ID account is disabled, it means you can’t access any Apple services, such as iTunes, App Store, iCloud or, Apple Music.
You should head over to
and verify your identity to unlock your account.

Why Is My Apple ID Disabled or Locked?

Apple locks or disables your Apple ID account for security reasons. In most cases, this happens when someone types in incorrect password repeatedly.
This usually happen if you forgot your password or when you enter the wrong password in a row. It might also happen if someone else tries to access your account without your consent,
, which is what Apple tries to protect.

How Do I Know If My Apple ID Is Disabled?

If you try to sign in, and your Apple ID account is disabled, one of these error message will pop up on the screen of your iPhone:

  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  • “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”
  • “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”

These error messages may not be displayed immediately if you entered wrong Apple ID and password. Otherwise, this error message may appear instead::

  • “Your Apple ID or password was incorrect”

If you get this message, tap the Forgot Password? button to reset your password.

How Do I Unlock My Disabled Apple ID?

In order to unlock your disabled Apple ID account, you should verify your identity with Apple. Depending on the security of your account, Apple may ask you to verify your identity in various ways.

Start by heading over to
You can access this site from any device, however, I recommend using a computer for easier navigation.

If the wrong password was entered multiple times after your account became disabled, you might be required to hold on for a period of 24 hours before you can try to unlock your Apple ID.

Step 1. Enter Your Apple ID Username

Type in your Apple ID username from the iForgot page. Basically, it’s the email address you used to create your Apple ID. simply follow these steps:

  1. Start the Setting app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and then tap on your name.
  2. Head over to the Apple menu, then System Preferences > Apple ID if you are using a Mac.

You could also view your Apple ID by launching the App Store, iTunes, or Apple Music and find your Apple ID username from those apps.

In case you can’t remember your Apple ID username, try signing in with any old email addresses you have used previously.

Step 2. Type in Your Personal Details

To verify your identity, you may be asked to answer security questions or type in a mobile number associated with your Apple ID account. If you own an iPhone, the number could be different from the one
you use to make phone calls.

Answering the security questions will allow you to verify your identity with Apple. In case you are not able to answer the questions,
contact Apple support directly.

Step 3. Use Your Apple Device to Unlock Your Disabled Apple ID

At this point, Apple will send you a notification to your other devices sharing the same Apple ID. If you have access to your device, go ahead and tap Allow on the
notification to unlock your disabled Apple ID.

You might also be prompted to enter a verification code or follow on-screen instructions to reset your password, which is great if someone else was trying
to sign in to your account.

Hopefully at this stage, you’ve unlocked your Apple ID. If not, read on to discover other solutions

Step 4. Use a Verification Code to Unlock Your Disabled Apple ID

In case you didn’t receive a notification or can’t use your Apple device, click Unable to access your [device]? Apple will then send a six-digit verification
code to the phone number associated with your Apple ID.

Apple might prompt you to provide your Recovery Key. This is a lengthy code Apple generated when you enabled two-step authentication on your account. At the time, Apple would
have asked you to print it out and keep it safe.

Type in your recovery key together with your Apple ID password, to unlock your account.

If you have no access to the requested code, click Did not get a verification code? to send the text again, receive a phone call, or choose a differentPhone number
that is also associated with your Apple ID.

Step 5. Use Account Recovery to Unlock Your Disabled Apple ID

If you can’t access all the phone numbers associated with your Apple ID, click No longer using this number? and select Update phone number option, which you
can do upon verifying your identity via Account Recovery.

The account Recovery process can take a couple of days to unlock your disabled account. Here are the reasons:

  • To allow Apple to review how and when your devices connect to its servers, so it can validate the ownership of your account.
  • To allow you time to cancel the Account Recovery request if it was initiated by another person who is attempting to sign in to your account.

Click Continue anyway and provide the contact information Apple can use to get in touch with you. After Account Recovery verification is complete, Apple will send you information on how to unlock your account to the phone number you provided.

Check the iForgot site for an update on the period Account Recovery will take. You can automatically cancel Account Recovery if you manage to
Unlock your disabled Apple ID using other ways and means.

Step 6. If Nothing Else Works, Contact Apple Support Directly

We trust the above given instructions have helped you to unlock your disabled Apple Id account. having said that, the unlocking procedure may differ depending on the age and security settings
of a given account.

If your Apple ID is still disabled, try contacting Apple support directly and they will assist you to unlock it. You will need to verify your identity,
which could be in form of answering security questions or receiving verification codes to your connected phone numbers.

Visit this link to schedule a chat with Apple Support.

Sign In to Your Apple ID Again on All Your Devices

If you changed your Apple ID password in the process of unlocking your account, you may be required to sign in on each of your devices again. Individual apps should prompt
you to do this; if they don’t, manually sign out and sign in again from the Settings or System Preferences.

Your Apple ID may have been disabled because you forgot your password or because someone else was trying to gain access to your account. The two situations are perfect reasons to warrant changing of your Apple ID password which you should do immediately in case you haven’t done so.
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