Amazing Tips To Maximize iPhone battery life

Today we are going to explore the ways in which you can tremendously maximize your iPhone’s battery life. Using these tips and tricks you can make sure your iPhone is always available to use. Imagine that you’re enjoying a night party when the perfect opportunity for a selfie happens. You reach for your iPhone, only to find it’s dead.

Does it seem like you’re always charging your iPhone only to have it drain again within hours? You could be dealing with a damaged battery, power adapter, or other problems.

But sometimes you can tweak a few settings toimprove your iPhone battery life.

Tips To Maximize iPhone battery life

Here are some of the top tips for maximizing iPhone battery life.

Look for Clues

Head over to your iPhone settings to check what’s draining your iPhones battery the most. Go to the battery section of Settings to check on your battery health. It shows a percentage to represent the maximum capacity of your battery compared to when it was new.

If your percentage is low, your battery won’t last as long between charges. This could indicate iPhone battery problems that are hurting battery life.

This screen also shows which apps consume huge amount of your iPhone’s battery power. Use the apps that consume most of your battery power sparingly and close out the apps when you’re not using them.

Adjust Phone Settings

Several automatic and background features add convenience, but they also drain your battery life. By changing those settings or turning off certain features, you can greatly improve your iPhone’s battery.

Try these setting adjustments:

  • Decrease your screen brightness
  • Turn on Auto-Brightness for automatic dimming based on lighting conditions
  • Turn off background app refresh
  • Disable automatic downloads
  • Switch email from Push, which downloads emails in real-time, to Fetch, which only checks and downloads at certain intervals
  • Disable location services on individual apps or switch to While Using so they don’t track your location when you’re not using them
  • Decrease the time before Auto-Lock engages to reduce the time your screen stays turned on
  • Turn off push notifications for apps
  • Disable vibrations
  • Only turn on Bluetooth when necessary
  • Turn on the Reduce Motion feature to minimize motion of icons and other things in the user interface

These simple switches don’t affect your day-to-day iPhone use, but they can save huge amount of battery power.

Switch to Low Power Mode

When your phone battery gets low, turn onLow Power Mode. It temporarily turns off or suspends certain actions, such as email fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some Siri functions.

Those changes reduce power consumption while in Low Power Mode. Keep this mode engaged until you can charge your phone. Once your battery reaches a certain percentage, it automatically turns off the Low Power Mode.

Use Wi-Fi

The vast majority of people who have unlimited data plan available to them often prefer cellular internet over Wi-Fi due to speed advantages. However using Wi-Fi instead of your cellular data saves battery power. Whenever possible, connect your iPhone to a secure Wi-Fi network.

It’s also a good practice to switch your iPhone into airplane mode when you don’t have any cell service. This stops your phone from constantly serving for a signal, which drains the battery.

Tips To Maximize iPhone battery life? Now you know

If your iPhone battery power is dying quickly, make some simple tweaks on your device settings. Reducing battery-draining activities can significantly maximize your iPhone’s battery life.