Top 36 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts That Saves Time


Mac Keyboard shortcuts (or keyboard hotkeys) are super useful. Not only do they boost productivity and allow you efficiently get work done, they also allow users get the most out of their computers. If you aren’t actively utilizing Mac keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity and streamline your
workflow at work, at home or anywhere, you should definitely start using keyboard shortcuts.
Mac keyboard
Keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate and execute tasks swiftly on your Mac and ultimately make your work (and life) a lot easier. We previously compiled a list of over
40 super useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows users.
Using keyboard shortcuts can help you do many things much faster on your Mac. You can control your system, work with documents, and navigate faster
and easier than you probably think.
To use a keyboard shortcut, press and hold one or more modifier keys and then press the last key of the shortcut. For example, to use Command-V (paste), press and hold the Command key, then the V key, then let go off both keys.
here are Top 36 Keyboard Shortcuts for Macbook, MacBook Pro and iMac Users you need to know to help you fully utilize your Mac.

Top Keyboard shortcuts for Mac users

  1. Command + Tab — Switch/Cycle through apps
  2. Shift + Control + Power button — Put all display to sleep (when using multiple displays).
  3. Command + F — Find text in a document or webpage.
  4. Command + Spacebar — Opens Spotlight search bar. Use this to find files in a folder.
  5. Command + Brackets “[” or “] “ — Move to the Previous ( [ ) or Next ( ] ) folderBy pressing “command” and the left bracket ([) you can move to the previous
  6. Command + Colon OR Command + Shift + Semicolon — Open the spelling and grammar window.
  7. Command + Ctrl + D — Look up a word in dictionary (hover mouse over a word)
  8. Command + Z — Undo a previous action
  9. Command + Semicolon — Find misspelled words in a given document.
  10. Command + Shift + Z — Redo a previous action that was undone with the “Command + Z” function.
  11. Command + Delete — Move files to the Trash
  12. Command + Control + Space — Open Emoji and Special character panel.
  13. Command + Opt + Delete — Delete a File (does not put the file in Trash)
  14. Command + Control + F — Display current app in fullscreen.
  15. Command + Shift + 4 — Take a screenshot of a selected area (Drag over an area to select it)
  16. Command + Shift + 5 — Open Screen Utility
  17. Command + Shift + O — Open the Documents folder
  18. Command + H — Hide the current app.
  19. Command + Option + H — Hide all other apps (asides the current app
  20. Command + Shift + 3 — Take a screenshot of the entire screen
  21. Command + Shift + D — Open the Desktop folder
  22. Command + Shift + C — Open the Computer window
  23. Command + I — Get information on a selected file/folder.
  24. Command + Shift + F — Open the Recents folder
  25. Command + Plus (+) or Minus (-) — Adjust the font size in Messaging app
  26. Command + Shift + V — Paste and Match Style — paste text without its previous formattting, otherwise known as “Paste as plain text” in Windows.
  27. Command + Tab — Switch between apps (Press Cmd + Tab to switch to last used app; press the two buttons again to switch back)
  28. Command + Left Arrow key — Go back a page in a browser window or Go to beginning of line when typing/working with text.
  29. Command + Right Arrow key — Go to the next page in a browser or Go to end of all the text when typing.
  30. Command + Shift + T — Open last closed tab in a web browser.
  31. Option + Command + Power button — Put your Mac to sleep.
  32. Control + Shift + Power button — put your display to sleep.
  33. Shift + Command + Q — log out of your Mac user account.
  34. control + Command + Power button — force restart without option to save open files.
  35. Control + Power button — Display a dialog box to restart, sleep, or shut down.
  36. Quit all apps and shut down with option to save open files: Control + Option + Command + Power button.


  • Option + Shift + Volume Up/Down — Increase or Decrease the volume on your Mac PC in small increments.
  • Command + Accent (`) + Shift — Activate previous window in an application
  • Command + Accent (`) — Activate next window in an application
  • Command + A — Select all
  • Command + Option + A — Undo Select All or Deselect all
  • Command + Option + C — Copy a file’s pathname
  • Command + C — Copy Files
  • Command + V — Paste Files
  • Command + Option + V — Move copied files.

Best Mac keyboard shortcuts? Now you know

Mac keyboard shortcuts are great tools and once you get used to them, you’ll find yourself using them without even thinking about it.

Do you take advantage of keyboard shortcuts on your Mac? Which ones do you use the most?

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