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Recently, many Apple users have been telling us that their iPhone 12 mini keeps restarting Randomly under many specific cases – the iPhone 12 mini would keep restarting, stop working, get stuck at the Apple logo, apps crash on launch, etc. Today in this troubleshooting guide, we will focus on dealing with one of the typical problems – iPhone 12 mini freezing and restarting.

actually, the iPhone 12 mini random rebooting is one of the most common problems you may encounter after the following scenarios: updating to the newest iOS system like iOS 14, charging the iOS device while plugging the device in a headphone, or connecting to a computer.

Moreover, the iPhone 12 mini can continuously reboot due to four factors – bad update, malware attack, unstable driver and hardware issues.

If you find your iPhone 12 mini keeps freezing and restarting, what should you do? Here we offer you some basic tips below to fix this problem. All solutions can be applied to iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro as well.

Why Does My iPhone 12 mini Keeps Restarting?

First of all, it’s necessary to understand why your iPhone 12 mini keeps freezing and restarting in the first place, and there are some common, if not frustrating, causes.

An Interrupted Update

Your iPhone 12 mini keeps restarting because of an interrupted update

Some of you may find your iPhone 12 mini in a reboot loop of doom after an iOS update. This can sometimes occur when a software update is interrupted for some reason, such as by a failing network connection, for example.


There are nearly two million apps in the Apple App Store, and although Apple rejects around 40% of all apps, not every app that passes is safe. Using free public wifi also puts you at greater risk. Unless you have jailbroken your iPhone, viruses are extremely rare on iOS; however, there is still a chance that some pesky malware snuck through to wreak havoc on your device.

Insufficient Storage

Overflowing iPhone storage is another cause of iPhone 12 mini boot looping. Older iPhones with smaller storage capacity tend to have this problem, but even if the day of 512 GB iPhones, you’d still rather keep hold of 60GB of podcast material that you’ll never listen to, just ‘in case.’

Damaged Hardware

You can restart your Device’s software, but the iPhone 12 mini may spontaneously reboot when there’s a hardware issue. A drop (I can not overemphasize using an iPhone case more, here), water damage, or an aging battery can cause hardware failure.

How Often Does Your iPhone 12 mini Reboot?

We can categorize the iPhone 12 mini reboot issue into three types:

1. The iPhone 12 mini restarts itself intermittently, but you still have access to the interface.

2. Your iPhone 12 mini is stuck on a restart loop, which prevents you from using the software at all.

3. Your iPhone 12 mini may restart while charging.

Whichever iPhone 12 mini restart issue you’re experiencing, follow the tips below to fix the problem:

How to Fix An iPhone 12 mini That Keeps Restarting?

When your iPhone 12 mini is in a boot loop and cannot turn on:

1. Force Restart iPhone

A restart can fix many problems as the system starts afresh. When the iPhone is in a restart loop, it’s not starting up correctly, so you have to force it to restart. It’s the quickest but most effective way to fix issues such as a frozen screen or a reboot loop.

Don’t worry; a force restart won’t erase out the data on your iPhone. To force restart your device, press and release the ‘up’ volume button, followed by the ‘down’ volume button. Finally, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

2. Eject the SIM Card

It’s possible, though not very likely that your SIM card is broken or having connection issues with the cell carrier. If the loop stops without the SIM card and comes back after putting it back in, then it’s time to visit your service provider.

3. Restore Your iPhone

If your iPhone 12 mini keeps freezing and restarting after trying the above steps, then a full restore is the next option. Sadly this will delete all your info and settings (cloud backup, anyone?) and needs to be done using a desktop computer.

First, connect your iPhone to a desktop computer via a USB cable (wifi works too, but a wireless connection is not as stable) and click the “Device” button in the iTunes app. Next, click “Summary” and “Restore.”

If this regular restore still doesn’t work, you may need to restore it in recovery mode. If you can’t put your iPhone in recovery mode because of broken buttons or the system doesn’t work, contact Apple Support.

When your iPhone 12 mini restarts from time to time:

1. Update iOS and Apps

While a system update can cause problems, it tends to fix bugs and other issues, so this should be your first port of call. Next, check and update your apps, especially those from unknown sources or apps you have recently installed.

2. Find and Remove Faulty Apps

Analyze and remove the faulty apps if your iPhone 12 mini keeps restarting

Use the built-in iOS security software or third-party ones to scan all your apps and uninstall any abnormal ones.

3. Manually Set Up Date & Time

Manually set up date and time if your iPhone 12 mini stucks in a boot loop

It’s not very clear why this tweak works, but it does the trick sometimes. Turn off “Set Automatically” and manually select the time zone or the date and time.

4. Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Remove unnecessary data, or transfer them to the cloud. When space starts to run out, the system slows down and can cause some problems.

5. Restore Your iPhone

You can either use iTunes to reset all settings or go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset All Settings on your phone.

When your iPhone 12 mini restarts while charging:

Your iPhone 12 mini may restart during charging if there is an issue with any of its hardware, including the device itself, charging cable, and charging port. Broken hardware could easily cause a short circuit or other security problems, explaining why your iPhone 12 mini keeps restarting. Most people are not aware that the charging port can often be the culprit since it’s out of sight, but taking a closer look may fix the issue. Clean the charging port with a small, clean brush if you spy something.

Damaged charging cable could also cause an issue, but if you use wireless chargers, then you are spared the hassle.

Magnetic wireless charger saves the hassle of damaged charging cable and port

iPhone 12 mini keeps restarting? Problem fixed

Many iPhone users rely on their devices for everything from communication to education. If your iPhone 12 mini keeps restarting & crashing, it’s the time to fix it by following the above solutions based on actual cases.

If you have any solutions to iPhone 12 mini keeps crashing and restarting, Drop us a comment and let us know.

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