How To Spot a Fake iPhone XR, XS And Max?

So in today’s article, we will be looking at How to spot a Fake iPhone XR or a clone of the iPhone XR. This guide will also apply to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If you want to spot a fake iPhone X, i urge you to check our

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Its becoming a custom now that these fake iPhone Clones imitate Apples flagship devices precisely. In this quick guide, I’ll show you
exactly how to spot the Fake or knock off iPhones XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

Do keep in mind that these fake devices are countless and they do not subscribe to any particular design code so their is not common signs to hunt for.  At the end
of the day you will have to use common sense and look out for any signs that will show your device is a Fake. According to

Business insider

iPhone XR is the iPhone for most people so, it’s important to make sure you don’t end up with a fake

iPhone in your pocket.

What is a Fake or Clone iPhone XR?

Do to the reputation of iPhones, there are now clone or Fakes devices which you can purchase at a lower price, the issue though is that in some occasions,
the Fakes may be so convincing to a point of appearing as the genuine iPhone and you may be duped into purchasing one. Below I’ll give you tips that will help you identify weather or not you
have fake or a genuine iPhone XR.

How to spot a Fake iPhone XR?

You can use the following to spot a Fake iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

Sign 1: The Price:

If you paid say $100 for an iPhone XR or considerably amount than the Apple custom price tag then you are either the most fortunate person on the earth or you
just purchased a fake iPhone.Fakes are sold at a lower price and some users will not mind the price tag and assume they have a real product so be very cautious.

Sign 2: The Packaging

Keep in mind to check the specifications of the device or the features and remember to reference apples official specifications
for the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and the iPhone XS Max.In addition, look out for spelling mistakes as well as naming references as some fakes are usually manufactured even before the official device
launch.Finally, look out for tacky presentation from the outer to the inner box that Apple would never do.In some occasions, the image on the box is incorrect.

Sign 3: The Accessories

The fakes every so often have weak accessories when compared to the real iPhone. In addition, you may get incorrect accessories for the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and the
iPhone XS Max. Moreover, manual document inside the box may be poorly put together or even poorly written.

Sign 4: Slow

Fakes are every so often sluggish and lagging in overall performance and in booting up compared to the real deal. The iPhone XS is a very quick device
and should not be sluggish whatsoever especially when it’s new.

Sign 5: Incorrect Applications

Opening some Apple native apps may end in a totally different application such as Apple Maps or the App store. This is due to the fact that the fakes
are only trying to imitate the genuine iPhone and they fail time and again in this regard.

Sign 6: Poor Battery life

Fakes often have very poor battery life that may even have problems with charging and stuff like that. Look out for overheating and you may
get ads popping up in wrong places such as apps where they should not be.

Sign 7: Picture and Video Quality

Real iPhone XS has a super display that has a very high-resolution and crisp clear while the fake has a lower resolution which is
understandable because of the inferior quality display that’s included with the fake.

Sign 8: Face ID

Try running the Face ID and if the feature does not function or simply fake the unlock process and can be unlocked by any Face then its a Fake iPhone.

Signing off

So that’s pretty much it on How to spot a Fake iPhone XS, iPhone XR or iPhone XS Max. Some users will still want clearer signs that they have a real device or not, but the thing is
that Apples superior built quality and devotion to detail compared to a inexpensive knock off only requires you inspect the phone carefully. The faults in
the fakes will be conspicuous and you will then know its not genuine, so do inspect everything on your phone meticulously.

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