4 Reasons Why Your iPhone Battery Lasts Only a Day Instead of Weeks

Is your iphone battery draining fast all of a sudden? No problem. In this article, we shall explain to you why your iPhones battery is draining so fast and offer you possible iPhone battery drain solutions.
There is this constant issue with iPhones battery life users always have to grapple with even after purchasing the flagship iOS device. This is because after a while, your iPhones battery life starts to drop rapidly and it’ll struggle to make it through a day (on a full day).

Your current iPhone might still offer you great battery life, but as you continue to use, you will notice a gradual decline in battery life. Also, Apple does not make the whole thing easy since it does not provide users an easy access to their
iPhones battery
This makes replacing these batteries when their life spans drop, a daunting task.

Why iphone battery drains fast

The most common question I get from people is: why is my iPhone’s battery draining so fast? Here’s why your iPhone battery last for a day instead of weeks, and what to do to make it last longer.

1. Constantly Recharging Your iPhone Battery

According to
Battery University, lithium battery starts to degrade after undergoing between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles. A charge cycle is a charge of a battery from 0% to 100%. Therefore, for instance, charging your iPhone from 50% to 100% twice will translate to a complete charge cycle.

To prevent your iPhone battery from degrading faster, you should minimize charge cycles of your device.

2. Too Many Applications Running on the background

I understand that iPhones are preferred for their multitasking capabilities and this is one of the reasons why most people chose to use iPhones in the first place. While this is great, running multiple apps simultaneously can immensely reduce your iPhones battery life. Always remember to quit all apps which you are not using to save its battery.

There are a couple of indicators you get when your battery is under heavy usage. The common one, however, is your iPhone getting extremely hot. Another solution to stop battery drainage is to quit apps running in the background.

3. Using unauthorized Charges

It’s a bad idea to use charges that aren’t made by Apple. It’s understandable that these chargers are quite cheap, however, you should note that original iPhones chargers are designed to act as adaptors, to convert direct circuit (DC) power to a level the iPhone requires to charge healthily. Anything above the required current and voltage can damage your iphones’ battery thereby reducing its life span.

4. Screen Brightness Level is Always Very High

iPhones screen is one component that probably drains the most power. Keeping your screen brightness to the maximum at all times also reduces your iPhones battery life. Always lower the screen brightness of your iPhone when it is not necessary to have it very bright.

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Closing thoughts

To conclude, despite the fact that batteries have a natural life span, your iPhone battery can still last for a longtime – at least more than a day. For this to happen, you should endeavor to create a battery maintenance culture. In this regard, keep in mind to follow the above-recommended tips and avoid this battery draining features as much as possible.

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